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Laconic Oration – January

Natalie and I maintain an image-blog over at laconicoration.tumblr.com.

Here is a very small taste of what was posted there in January:

i’ve also posted samples from December, November, October, and September. However… you could always just stop over to the site itself


Laconic Oration – October

September’s edition was such a success, I guess I’ll continue the monthly image post!!

Here are 15 images from Laconic Oration, during the month of October:

via Laconic Oration


3 things: women for mccain, new york times electoral map, and palin news

1. i’m also a woman for mccain.

2. here’s another bonus today: make sure to check out the new york times electoral map, which shows obama winning in a multitude of ways ! make your own map ! just make sure mccain loses.

and 3. there’s been news of palin’s $150,000 shopping spree, but my most favorite thing today is that her makeup artist was paid upwards of $20,000 for the first two weeks of october. her name is amy strozzi, and you can look at her imdb here.


women/homesexuals=BAD rapists/kidnappers=GOOD

“The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee recently released data showing the Army has doubled the number of waivers it grants to recruits convicted of violent felonies including manslaughter, rape and kidnapping. In an attempt to meet personnel goals Pentagon leaders have recently relaxed enlistment standards regarding age, physical fitness, education and criminal records. The discharge of lesbian and gay Americans, however, continues.”

this is from an article found at the servicemembers legal defense network about how women are affected by the “don’t ask, don’t tell” law more than men. also about how homosexuals continue to be kicked out, while people who are not fit to be in the military are let in.

it really makes no sense at all to me. any rational human being should be able to look at this and realize that our leaders are illogical and should not be given the power they have. i REALLY don’t understand how people can support this sort of behavior. how can somebody honestly prefer to be represented by killers and rapists rather than women or homosexuals? how can you look at this and say that the military is doing a good job and should be respected and supported? throw in the countless cases of abuse, murder, and torture, the general disregard for human life, both foreign and domestic, and the way the government “takes care” of its veterans and it all seems very obvious that things need to be scrapped and rebuilt from the ground up.


movie party #5

#4 still doesn’t count, MATT, but two #4 posts would get CONFUSING, so…

movie party #5. it’s a bit RACIER than the last few…

The Girl On a Motorcylcle

Dracula Has Risen From The Grave


A Bigger Splash

this last one is actually a documentary about David Hockney.

he did these paintings:

movie posters found on filmartgallery.com