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Urban Evil 2004

About six months ago, I was slightly obsessed with Anthropologie, a sister store to Urban Outfitters.  Because I was slightly obsessed, I attempted to read everything I could find out about the store, but became more interested in its parent company, Urban Outfitters, Inc. and its owner, Richard Hayne, who is a rumored homophobe and an ardent republican.

One of the more interesting controversies I came across was regarding one of those clever, little t-shirts you can purchase at UO.   Back in 2004, UO sold a shirt that said “Only Old People Vote.” When broken down, the shirt is basically telling the young and hip that voting isn’t cool and we all know who the young and hip tend to vote for when they do vote. I know this is simplifying and assuming behaviors, but think of the people you know who would buy that shirt. Exactly. It’s this sort of subtle evil that Hayne uses, and, in this case, used to infiltrate the minds of who knows how many young people during such a crucial year.


Headphones I Like

Someone buy me all of these, please!  The first few sets are ones that I came across at Urban Outfitters.  I have no idea how they sound, but I am quite impressed with how pretty they are.  The last two are pairs I have been eying for literally years.



Wesc Oboe


Panasonic RP-HTX7-G1 Monitor Headphones


Boosted Stiloso



Sony MDR V6

I researched headhpones a couple of years ago and these ones are highly rated and not that expensive for what they are.  I’m yet to actually try these out, but perhaps someday.


Bose Around-Ear

These are probably the headphones I will really buy someday.  They are pretty ugly, but they fit well on my perpendicular ears and deliver the unbelievably good sound that Bose is known for. 


The man, the myth, just some guy

So, a couple of people have asked me, “Who is Rob Dobi, anyway?” By a couple of people, I mean just Ryan Meier AKA Rieman Miller. I already answered the question to RM, but I figured maybe other people were curious to the answer as well, and I have nothing to do on this cold, Saturday evening…

Back in high school when I was listening to really cool (JK) emo bands, I set out to the internet to learn more about this elusive genre. What I found when I googled “emo” was Rob Dobi and what was then his assumed fifteen minutes of fame: how to dress emo.


Back when dobi.nu was in its prime in 2002, Dobi featured on his website not only a tongue-in-cheek look at emo fashion, but also more personal information, such as school pranks, old family photos and a slew of urban exploring photographs of abandoned, east coast insane asylums.

Today, dobi.nu presents Dobi as a successful t-shirt, poster businessman with clients, such as Urban Outfitters, Fallout Boy and the like. There are still some urban exploration photographs, but the personal anecdotes that really made Dobi stand out as more than just some RISD graduate are gone.

So, yup, there you have it: a brief summary of who Rob Dobi of the never disappearing Rob Dobi 2008 post is.