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Released 10/03

(Patrick Wilson)

You may know Pat Wilson best from his day job, drumming for Weezer. He’s been there since the beginning, Valentine’s Day 1992. But periodically over the course of the last 17 years, during various breaks and Rivers-induced hiatus periods, Pat turned his eyes to his other musical project, The Special Goodness. Acting as both songwriter and instrumentalist, the first Special Goodness record (known as the “Bunny Album”) was released in 1998 in Japan only during the long break between 1996’s Pinkerton and 2001’s The Green Album.

Three years later, At Some Point, Birds And Flowers Became Interesting was self-released and sold only at shows and online. In 2004, venerable punk label Epitaph picked up The Special Goodness (now augmented by former Offspring and future Angels And Airwaves drummer Atom Willard) and re-released their third album, Land Air Sea, which had come out the year before on N.O.S. Records. Prior to the move, N.O.S. issued the track “Life Goes By” as a single to promote their release of the album.

Having previously appeared as a different recording on At Some Point, “Life” appears on Land Air Sea in basically the same arrangement as its previous version, with minor instrumental changes. A song about living your life before it gets away from you, “Life Goes By” is served well by Wilson’s distinct singing voice and slightly off-kilter vocal melody; he also supplies a nice melodic solo that attests to his love of Britpop. Rivers has praised Pat’s guitar ability before, saying his playing on The Red Album‘s “Automatic” (Wilson’s first solo writing credit for Weezer; he is credited with co-writing “My Name Is Jonas”, “The World Has Turned And Left Me Here” & “Surf Wax America”) was the best on the record. It was also, in my humble opinion, the only one of the songs contributed by the non-Rivers Weezer members that actually fit in with the rest of Red, largely because Pat shares Rivers ear for crunchy, melodic pop rock songs. Perhaps in the wake of Red, he’ll contribute more material to his day job. If not, there will surely be another Special Goodness album waiting in the wings.

Video (directed by Weezer right-hand man Karl Koch):