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20 YEARS AGO: 1990



HOME ALONE (d. Chris Columbus)

WILD AT HEART (d. David Lynch)


GOODFELLAS (d. Martin Scorcese)








SPIDER-MAN #1 by Todd McFarlane

GIVE ME LIBERTY by Frank Miller & Dave Gibbons

Cable debuts in the pages of NEW MUTANTS #87.

Frank Einstein A.K.A. Madman debuts in CREATURES OF THE ID #1.

AKIRA by Katsuhiro Otomo concludes after eight years in the pages of Young Magazine.


Vizionz of TMNT #2: Jim Lawson

Jim Lawson is best known for . . . illustrating TMNT comics. Most Mirage Studios artists focus on licensing art or toy design but Lawson has drawn a ton of TMNT comics. In fact, no one has drawn more, so eat up!

TMNT #20 (1989) pencils by Jim Lawson, inks by Eric Talbot

TMNT #28 (1990) art by Jim Lawson

TMNT Adventures #7 (1989) pencils by Jim Lawson, inks by Gary Fields

TMNT Volume 2 #8 (1994) pencils by Jim Lawson, inks by Eric Talbot

TMNT Volume 4 #2 (2002) pencils by Jim Lawson, inks by Peter Laird

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Bye Bye Mirage?


I wrote about the Ninja Turtles stuff going on, in regards to Mirage Studios, at examiner.com; check it out:



National Game Registry 1991: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Turtles In Time

original platform
key personnel
Matsuhiko Izumi (music)

Every element is upgraded compared to its predecessor.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time was inducted on September 9th, 2009.

Return to the National Game Registry to view more inductees.

Xbox Live Arcade is also a hotbed of retro game sequels and remakes

I recently wrote about the Wii Ware retro sequels that appeal to me but there are even more on Xbox Live. Unlike goddamn Wii Ware, Xbox Live has DEMOS so I’ve actually played all of the games on this list that have been released. This list ONLY contains games that I have determined to be good and possibly worthwhile. This means that Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix will not be listed – it’s a good game but barely an update and probably worth $7, not $15. At the bottom of the list are some upcoming releases that interest me.

On several, previous occasions I claimed that one must have a paid membership to Xbox Live to buy download games.  NOT TRUE.  A free account membership gives one access to both paid games AND demos.


Prince of Persia Classic
$10, Gameloft/Ubisoft

I bought the full game and it’s great.  It’s a remake (in the true sense) of the original PoP.  The story is the same, the levels are similar but everything’s been made from scratch, with very different control mechanics.  The graphics are full 3D and based on the designs from the 2003-2005 PoP games.  I really recommend this one and it’s definitely worth the $10.

Bionic Commando Rearmed
$10, GRIN/Capcom

Another one that I bought – it’s sort of a remake of the NES Bionic Commando, but the levels are (mostly) different, there are many new features, bonus areas, the bosses are really wild, and the dialogue is hilarious.  The price is nice!

Pac-Man Championship Edition
$10, Namco Bandai

This game kinda started the recent trend of taking an old-ass game, keeping the old, pixellated sprites and enveloping it in neon effects and techno music.  This game is highly recommended for fans of the old Pac-Man games.  It has the same gameplay but somewhat more complicated and with many different modes.  A worthy release but at $10 it’s definitely overpriced.

Mega Man 9
$10, Inti Creates/Capcom

Just like the Wii version (which I’ve been playing lately).  It’s just like the NES Mega Mans but with some new – but not drastic – elements.  At $10 it’s a bit overpriced but it is long and challenging.

1942 Joint Strike
$10, Backbone/Capcom

I’ve only played the demo, which is fairly long, but it seems to be pretty tight.  It has a lot more variety than the original 1942 and has great boss fight action and a chase sequence.  I might buy it someday.

Space Invaders Extreme
$10, Backbone/Taito

This is actually a conversion of a DS and PSP release from 2008.  The Xbox Live version has improved visuals that might give you a seizure.  This game shows how effectively a really old formula can become fresh.  The action is much more intense than in the original with waves appearing right after the other and crazy boss fights.  Compared to $30 for the DS version, $10 isn’t too bad.

Galaga Legions
$10, Namco Bandai

Every Galaga sequel has some twist to bring the old fans back in and this is no exception.  Now you have 2 auto turrets that you can position and reposition to your heart’s delight all over the play field.  The action is non-stop.  Another one I may get someday.


The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition

Announced at E3, this game is a remake-from-scratch of the original Monkey Island.  It will have brand new graphics and full voiceover work with a complete overhaul of the command system.

Tales of Monkey Island
Telltale Games/LucasArts

On the heels of the Monkey Island remake comes a new episodic release developed by a team of former LucasArts adventure game folks.  It sounds interesting but I’m only tentatively excited mainly due to Telltale’s modus operandi: 1) they seem to be really hit or miss and 2) the game will be released in 5 installments, likely at $10 apiece.  God!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled

And now we have a 3D remake of the 1991 arcade hit, originally by Konami.  Not much is known but it seems interesting.

Metal Slug 7
SNK Playmore

Wow, I’m glad I didn’t waste $30 to buy this on DS last year!  It’ll probably only be $10 from Xbox Live.  Sweet.

Mirage Classics 4: TMNT short story collections

Mirage’s first forway into inviting indie creators to take a stab at a TMNT story. There were obviously no rules as many of the stories have very little to do with established TMNT continuity. A fun, random collection.

SHELL SHOCK (published 1989, collecting stories from 1985-1989)
Eastman & Laird and their cronies loved to create short stories featuring the TMNT. They shoved them anywhere they could: anthologies, benefit/charity publications, backpages in other creators’ series, etc. This awesome trade paperback collected all of those stories, plus some new ones from the likes of Stan Sakai and Michael Zulli. This might actually be more fun than the TPBs collecting full-length stories.

TURTLE SOUP VII 1-4 (1991-1992)
The Turtle Soup concept returns, featuring random, varied stories from the Mirage regulars, and guests like Mark Martin. IN COLOR OMG.

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Mirage Classics Part 3: TMNT comics by Eastman & friends

After Eastman & Laird lost their interest in making comics together, Eastman occasionally recruited one of his friends/peers from the comics world to work on new TMNT stories with him. The results were always great, although the products reflect the influence of the guests much more than Eastman’s own style.

TMNT #18 (1989)
story: Mark Bode & Kevin Eastman
pencils: Mark Bode
inks: Kevin Eastman & Eric Talbot
The color reprint of this issue was the first Mirage comic I ever bought and it was sweet. Bode draws almost exactly like his famed father, Vaughn, but Eastman’s and Talbot’s inks give everything a ragged, hard edge that compliment the very uncharacteristic-for-Mirage story taking place in China and featuring a Bruce Lee wannabe.

TMNT #32 (1990)
story/pencils: Mark Bode
inks: Kevin Eastman & Eric Talbot
Another great issue that’s out of character. This time the Turtles go to Egypt to save April who, for SOME REASON, is a reporter, even though she’s a computer programmer in every other issue of the comic series. Huh?!

CASEY JONES: NORTH BY DOWNEAST #1 & 2 (1992/1993 Plastron Cafe Anthology, 1994)
story: Rick Veitch & Kevin Eastman
pencils: Rick Veitch
inks: Kevin Eastman
Veitch had been invited to work on some TMNT issues in the past but this time he undertook a Casey Jones solo story that originally ran, partially, in serialized form in an anthology title. The story is ridiculous – apparently there is a race of crab people living in the ocean. Who knew?!

BODYCOUNT #1-4 (1994, 1996)
story and pencils/roughs: Kevin Eastman
inks/finishes: Simon Bisley
Eastman’s pencils must have been really rough because the art looks 100% Bisley. Apparently, Eastman wanted to write the most violent, wild story he could and decided to include Raphael and Casey Jones. It’s actually a very fun, retarded story, with perfectly appropriate art by Bisley.

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