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cross blog pollination: T-Shirt Album Track 5

Okay, we’re going to change things up a bit here. For the first time ever we’re having a guest-author on TNM.  “Who?” you ask.  Well, John Adrianse, of course. He is editor and author for the blog So Not Original. Go ahead, check it out. It’s pretty sweet.

Anyway, this is a continuation from a series of posts called “T-Shirt Album Tracks.” He posts a pic of a t-shirt he owns then a corresponding song. I quite like the idea.  So click the following links for tracks 1, 2, 3, and 4. And then just peruse the rest of the posts. So enough babbling from me….

T-Shirt Album Track 5

For some reason I had the great (weird?) idea to post a bunch of pictures of my t-shirts on my blog.

Here’s track 5:


Mr. Ryan C. Meier sent me this t-shirt all they way from Japan while he was there teaching little kiddies how to talk American.
I’d like to meet one of them some time and see if they talk like him or something… maybe there’s a dozen Japanese kids that sound just like Ryan… mind blowing

Here’s a few detail shots of the shirt:


Ryan also sent me an EP by the band !!!.
here’s one of their best jams:

And there you have it folks. Something that isn’t related to  video games, Rob Dobi, or Japanese serial killers, courtesty of Mr. Adrianse  over at So Not Original.  Add it to your google reader right now!

And I almost forgot, the second entry from the “Beati Paoli Winter Tour 2009” Diary was posted there a few days back.  So to be able to follow my next entry you’ll have to check it out there,  otherwise you’ll be completely lost.