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Vince Clarke’s Analogue Monologues

So this is pretty fun. Vince Clarke (of Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Erasure, etc.) has a new feature on his website called The Analogue Monologues.

It’s basically just a series of videos involving Vince talking about all of his wicked analog gear and then turning knobs and stuff. But it’s cool!

There are only two videos so far.
The first video is about the Sequential Circuits Pro One.

And the second video is about the Roland System 100m.

Both of them real beauties!

and speaking of beauties:

Vince Clarke and his favorite ladder.


CANON SONIQUE: a mixtape (15)

continuing the online mixtape.

song (15):

The Knife“Heartbeats”

this song is off of the 2003 album, “Deep Cuts”. i think you can buy it on their website.
the knife deep cuts album art

the knife is a brother/sister duo from sweden. they don’t like mainstream music, and although they’ve won multiple awards for their music, they refuse to take part in all the crazy shinanigans that come along with it. examples: they avoid public appearances, refused to play live until recently, and wear masks in most of their promotional photos. they also boycotted the 2003 grammys, where they won best pop group of the year, sending in their place two people wearing gorilla costumes. supposedly this was a protest against male dominance in the music industry, but i’m not sure i understand what gorillas have to do with that. regardless… i support this anti-social behavior.

Heartbeats Live:

A Successfully Creepy Video:

And A Cover Of Heartbeats:


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Another music game

Technically, it’s not really a game. I guess you could say it’s an emulator that recreates the old Korg MS-10 synthesizer on your DS!



I guess I like the new Coldplay? I guess this will make Matt mad? Hehehe :)

Coldplay Viva La Vida

  1. Life in Technicolor: A great, building, first song that does not bore the listener.
  2. Cemeteries of London: An excellent song that sets the more serious tone for the latest Coldplay album. This is not done by the title and lyrics alone, but also by the deeper, darker sound of the music.
  3. Lost: What an interesting switch-up for this determinedly serious, dark album. Still, the underlying organ keeps a gothic feel and somehow works splendidly with the slow claps. Whirling and great, but not my favorite track.
  4. 42: This strikes me as more old school Coldplay than any other title on this album. There is a synth sound that comes in about a third-way in that I have not heard/noticed on the other Coldplay albums I have heard, as I’m sure there are many sounds heard here that weren’t on previous albums.
  5. Lovers In Japan/ Reign Of Love: The first section (Lovers in Japan, I will assume) could be a very polished Envy Corps song, all around. The second part, Reign of Love, makes it a Coldplay song. With any lesser album, I would think that this second part was a trying, experimental effort, but the two-part song works here.
  6. Yes: This song is rounding out the album nicely. It makes sense that it is on same album as Lost. While it fits, it is kind of a weak song and I’ll be surprised if they try to turn this into a single, though, I would be interested to see what a music video of this would look like.
  7. Viva La Vida: Initially, I thought the cello or strings or whatever that is thumping throughout this song was too rich to be a synth, but after Ryan suggesting it could be a synth and trying to listen to it as synth, I can see it. Someone, please confirm if this is a synth! I really like this song, by the way, like really like it.
  8. Violet Hill: How goth of a title.
  9. Strawberry Swing: Not my favorite song on this album.
  10. Death And All His Friends: Who really can call a song this and get away with it, really? The echo-y vocals sound great and work perfectly on the last track of this ghostly album.

I talked to Greg and we agreed that this is one of our favorite albums of 2008. Sometimes I do lose interest and I have my complaints, but there is no doubt in my mind that Viva La Vida is a solid album. B+