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Another Olympix complaint

The medal count is really stupid. First off, it’s mostly about big powers like China, USA and Russia showing off. But what’s really dumb is how every medal has the same weight. What I mean is, why is the Gold Medal that Mr. Swimmer gets for making it through a few heats and then winning the final worth the same in the medal count as the Gold Medal that Mrs. Softball Team will get for winning the whole fucking softball tournament? It’s dumb!

At the last Olympics, Argentina got Gold in both men’s soccer AND basketball. That should have been worth a LOT in the medal count. Instead, just worth 2 medals. Dumb. ANd then USA and China won a bunch of individual medals in diving and track and the like and showed off big-time.


Team Ball Sports at the Summer Olympix

When it comes to sports I primarily like team ball sports and the Olympics is jam packed full of them. Some of them are very familiar to US sports fans, some are moderately familiar and others have very little presence here. I’ll mention them in order of familiarity to US audiences.

USA basketball
Basketball (men and women)
Duh, it’s basketball. You know, like in the NBA, WNBA and NCAA? GAWD.

USA softball
Baseball (men)/Softball (women)
Duh, it’s baseball and softball.

USA soccer
Soccer (men and women)
Duh, it’s soccer. You kick it.

Silly volleyball!
Volleyball (men and women)
Although most Americans are familiar with the sport, the full, indoor version of volleyball is primarily seen as a women’s sport – a view that isn’t shared worldwide. Italy and Brazil have pro leagues.

feel me hockey
Field Hockey (men and women)
Another sport that is primarily played by women in the US and, again, that’s not the case worldwide. It’s actually a rather popular sport for both sexes in Germany, Netherlands, India, Pakistan, and my mom. The sticks are quite short compared to ice hockey so the players are all hunched over and dying all the time.

Awter Olpo
Water Polo (men and women)
This is one of those sports that really isn’t super popular in any particular country or region but is just kinda popular in a whole bunch of them. Basically, everyone swims from end to end and tries to get a ball in a net. There’s really very little strategy.

hand's ballz
Handball (men and women)
Actually, it’s kinda like handball on a court. Or maybe it’s like basketball with soccer elements. Yeah, I’ll go with that one. The players go end to end and dribble the ball (every 3 steps) like in basketball but when they get to the end there’s a soccer-style goal, complete with goalie. It removes the height element that annoys me in basketball but I still think basketball is more interesting due to a higher degree of strategy.