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Jan Svankmajer – part 3

here are parts 1 and 2: J.S.PART.1._____J.S.PART.2.

and here is old jan’s food trilogy:

food – breakfast

food – lunch

food – dinner



Jan Svankmajer – part 2

here is part 1: J.S.PART.1.

and here is mr. svankmajer’s dimensions of dialogue trilogy:

dimensions of dialogue pt. 1

dimensions of dialogue pt. 2

dimensions of dialogue pt. 3



Jan Svankmajer

jan svankmajer is a surrealist filmmaker from prague. he’s made a good number of films, often incorporating stop-motion animation and/or puppetry. tim burton likes him a lot, but the communists do not, and back in 1972, they forced him to stop making films.

later, he made more films.

i haven’t seen any of his features, but after watching some youtube stuff, i really want to see them.