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I very briefly grade all of the Warner Bros. DC Comics movies

* = I like it to some extent, even if has a bad grade

Superman: The Movie (A)
Superman II (A)
Superman III (C)*
Supergirl (C-)*
Superman IV: The Quest For Peace (D)*
Superman Returns (C)

Batman (A)
Batman Returns (A)
Batman Forever (C+)*
Batman & Robin (D)*
Batman Begins (A)
The Dark Knight (A+)

Steel (D)
Catwoman (F)
Constantine (B-)
V For Vendetta (B-)



I just watched the first half hour of CATWOMAN on YouTube. LOLOLOLOL Wow, it really lives up to the hype. It’s fucking awful. The script is awful, the acting is awful, the direction is just so self-satisfied. But it really doesn’t stop there, as there are inconsistencies in the audio mix, bad (but expensive) special effects, and silly computerized cinematography. Just stunning. I honestly believe that Batman and Robin and Superman IV: The Quest For Peace are much, much better films than this, and THAT’S SAYING SOMETHING.