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Best selling SEGA Genesis & Super Nintendo games

These numbers are courtesy of vgchartz.com

GENESIS (in millions)
sega genesis guitar
10. Sonic CD (1.5 – for the SEGA CD add-on)
9. Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition (1.7)
8. Sonic 3 (1.8)
7. Sonic & Knuckles (1.8)
6. NBA Jam (2.1)
5. Mortal Kombat II (2.4)
4. Streets of Rage (2.6)
3. Mortal Kombat (2.7)
2. Sonic the Hedgehog (4.3)*
1. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (6.0)*

Super NES
super nintendo babe
10. Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble (3.5)
9. Street Fighter II Turbo (4.1)
8. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (4.1)
7. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (4.6)
6. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest (5.1)
5. Street Fighter II (6.3)
4. Super Mario Kart (8.8)
3. Donkey Kong Country (9.3)
2. Super Mario All-Stars (10.6)
1. Super Mario World (20.6)*

* = included as pack-in with some or all units of console


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ERRRRRRRRRRRRVIEWS (Electronic Arts edition?!)

Final Fantasy VI Advance
Square Enix
2007 (original version 1994)
Game Boy Advance

This is a GBA port of the game that was originally released in the United States as Final Fantasy III for Super NES. As far as I know, the GBA version is pretty much the same game but with a few glitch fixes and changes in the text translation. Anyway, the game . . .

I have previously played through Final Fantasy I-V and I would definitely give FFVI the prize for best 2D FF. FFVI is much less linear than the previous games, resulting in a lot more freedom to do what you want when you want, especially in the second half. The down side to this is that it took me a lot longer to beat than the previous FF’s. In fact, it took about 45 hours of playing time. Considering my short attention span, I definitely didn’t blaze through this one. Rather, I took SEVEN MONTHS to slooooooooowly make my way through although you could probably do it in just a few weeks.

Anyway, there is a large cast of characters that you can rotate in and out of your lineup. They do have specialties but they all have the potential to become good fighters, good magicians, whatever. So, if you want to be super safe in the final battles, you can level everyone up and make everyone a badass and a healer. This is where I sank a lot of my playing time, actually. In previous FF’s, I entered the final dungeons/battles underpowered and usually had to try over and over to beat them. This time around I spent way more time than necessary leveling everyone up and just coasted through to the end.

The music is pretty great and has a lot of variety. The designs are nice but typical 2D FF. The story is pretty detailed, deep and only slightly cheesy. Do it to it.

Grade: A
Conclusion: I can’t believe there are RPGs that are 2-3 times as long as this one.

Boom Blox
Electronic Arts

SUPPOSEDLY, this game is the result of a collaboration with Steven Spielberg, credited as ‘creative director’. I don’t believe it. This game doesn’t bear ANY hallmarks of Spielberg’s past works, sensibilities, style, etc. Regardless, this is a pretty enjoyable game. The game consists of dozens of puzzles and scenarios that require to do various things with various items. Sometimes you throw baseballs or bowling balls, sometimes you fire a gun, sometimes you fling things around on a sticky string. You set off explosions, shoot goblins, collapse towers, so and soforth. As you might expect with the Wii, if you’re throwing a ball, then you use the Wiimote in a throwing motion.

Some of the puzzles are pretty clever and will require a lot of thought while other levels consist solely of reflex-based play. There are “worlds” with themes like “escort the Mitten Kittens home on Halloween without being killed by monsters”. These themes are just pretty ways of dressing up the gameplay to add visual variety. After awhile, things start to feel a bit too similar and interest wanes. There’s a party mode that I haven’t tried yet but this does definitely feel like a social type of game but by one’s self it’s better in spurts.

Grade: B
Conclusion: This is EA trying to be Nintendo/Namco/SEGA/etc.

AFL ’99
Electronic Arts
Windows 95

I recently dug this game out of the closet after years and years of neglect. I used to play this game quite a bit and for good reason: it’s a very fun and challenging simulation of Australian rules football. Aussie rules is one of the few sports that’s as simple as soccer. The game basically consists of punching and punting a ball to your teammates attempting to score goals between giant uprights. Hard tackles are allowed. That’s about it. Sometimes the simple things are easiest to fuck up but this game pulls everything off most of the time. The kicking, the catching and running all work fine. Sometimes the punching (aka handballs) is pretty goofy, though, so I wouldn’t rely on it. Everything is fast and furious and the commentary is even decent for a 1998 game. Some aspects don’t work perfectly on Windows XP or Vista but the main game works fine.

Grade: B+
Conclusion: EA should make new AFL games

Electronic Arts
PlayStation 2

This game is very clearly a port of a PC game that came out a couple years earlier and it shows. The players are very blocky for a PS2 game. Actually, the graphics look like PS1 but in higher resolution. The gameplay is decent but pretty jerky as the players move fairly unnaturally and take about 500 years to change directions (no Barry Sanders in this game). The breakdowns (the parts where big guys push each other around) are somewhat luck-based and frustrating. The one area where the game really shines is in the running game. If you can get a good series of passes going you can really do some damage. With all the faults, though, EA proved they could do much worse with the following year’s Rugby 2004, which changed everything and was awful.

For those that care, the modes in this game are 6 Nations, Tri-Nations and World Cup (but not the official licensed version of any of these tournaments).

Grade: C+
Conclusion: Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh, chubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff.


the “games i’ve beaten” list. for matt, mostly.

okay. matt recently made a post asking for lists of completed video games. i’ve played exactly 1,000,582 games in my lifetime, so the idea of making a complete list of every game i’ve beaten made me feel a bit FAINT. (also… i have a really bad memory for stuff like this) instead, i’ve decided to make a list of completed games IN MY COLLECTION.

let’s go!!!


the adventures of link: i only just beat this game a few months back. i remember hating it as a child. i think mostly because it wasn’t much like the legend of zelda. however, upon revisiting it in my old age, i’ve decided that this game is really really good, and i wish that nintendo would make another zelda game in this same style. it won’t happen, but i would play it if it did.

bionic commando: one of my all time favorite games. it’s just great. they’re remaking this for xbox 360. check it out/watch the trailer.

castlevania II: simon’s quest: i didn’t remember beating this one, but after seeing ryan beat last month, i feel like i actually had beat it back in the day.

contra: such a fun game. i’ve beat it quite a few times.

deja vu: i’ve beat this one a few times as well. i used to love these old adventure games.

jackal: the classic drive-around-in-a-jeep-and-shoot-things game. very few can compete.

the legend of zelda: beat this one FOREVER ago. either late 80s or early 90s. i want to pick it up again sometime soon

maniac mansion: oh boy! i think i’ve beaten this game every way possible.

metroid: i beat this game back when i was really devoted. also, i didn’t have the internet. i drew my own maps throughout the game. i may still have them laying around somewhere.

nintendo world cup: does this count? do sports games count?

shadowgate: i’ve beaten this one a few times too, but always with many years in between each conquest. the latest was just this year, and i had forgotten almost everything about it. that’s the beauty of a poor memory, i guess… it makes old things new again!

spy vs spy: this is probably more fun as a two player game, but when you’re young and only have a handful of games, you take what you can get.

super c: like contra, this game is great for picking up whenever, and it really doesn’t take much to beat it.

super mario bros. 2: this was one of the favorites as a child. and then mario 3 came out…

super mario bros. 3: probably THE BEST game ever made for the nes. i’m sure there are people who will debate this, but for me, growing up when i did, super mario bros. 3 was so fucking great that all other games pale in comparison. the guide that i got through nintendo power was read to death. i remember taking it everywhere. at the end, it was being held together with a million pieces of tape.

tmnt 2: the arcade game: this is another game that is way more fun with 2 players. playing it now bores me. jump kick, jump kick, jump kick, etc., but back when it came out, this game was the bee’s knees.

tmnt 3: the manhatten project: basically a continuation of tnmt2, but with some special moves. blah blah blah.

uninvited: another kemco/seika adventure ported from the macventure collection. not as good as deja vu or shadowgate, but still quite fun.


some nes games i’m pretty sure i’ve beaten, or at least got very close to beating:

castlevania III: dracula’s curse: i like this game.

double dragon: i think i may have only beaten it on the sega master system, but… maybe…

mega man 2: i’m pretty sure i beat this one, as well as a couple others, but they all run together in my head.

mike tyson’s punch-out: i know i’ve GOTTEN to old iron mike, but i honestly can’t tell you if i’ve beaten him myself.

ninja gaiden: dunno. just dunno.

ninja gaiden II: i’m pretty sure i beat this…

wwf wrestlemania: i don’t even remember if there is a definitive end to this game, but if there is, i can gaurantee i’ve made it.



secret of evermore: i remember really enjoying this game, but at the same i time, i remember parts of it being rather time consuming and tedius. i probably will never try to beat it again, but if you have time and patience, please give it a try.

final fantasy II: this was one of those “summer vacaction games”. we didn’t have strict bedtimes during summer breaks, and by this time i had an old tv in my room, so i would stay up all night playing rpgs while a cool summer breeze blew in through the open windows. because of when i played it, i don’t remember this game having any music.

actraiser: i always liked the mixing of genres in this game. it’s a pretty quick game, so give it a shot.

super castlevania IV: this was one of the first games we had for the snes. that being said, you can imagine that i’ve beaten it quite a few times.

contra III: the alien wars: contra games are good!!!

disney’s goof troop: a very short puzzle/action game. i got this a couple years ago because it was on sale for zero bucks or something. it’s quick and easy, but it is fun. i think allison would like it at least.

donkey kong country: when it came out, this was THE GAME to have. so we got it. and i beat every aspect of it. but i never really got into the sequels. maybe i burnt myself out.

judge dredd: i liked the comics, and i found it on sale. not the best game, but it’s fun. probably wouldn’t play it too much these days.

killer instinct: another “GAME YOU NEED TO GET” when it came out. and we got it. i think i’ve played this game more than any other fighting game ever. not cuz it’s the best or anything, but cuz it was the only fighting game we had at the time.

lester the unlikely: this was a game that i’m guessing didn’t sell very well. i got it at KAY-BEE toys on sale. it’s one of those action/adventure games like prince of persia or flashback or whatever. the one thing i really liked about it was that as you progress through the game, your character turns from a weak, dorky guy into a rather fit, capable guy. the end.

ranma 1/2: hard battle: i really liked anime back in middle school/early high school. especially ranma 1/2. that’s probably the only reason i played this game so much…

shadowrun: this was another “summer vacation game”, but this one was a different year, and the tv was in the basement. i spent a lot of hot summer afternoons playing this while listening to “maximum perversion” by the mephiskapheles and hellcat records’s “give ’em the boot vol. 1”.

super bomberman: great game. it’s bomberman. so… it’s like most of the other bomberman games

super bomberman 2: another great game. etc.

super mario world: OH LORD!!! i talked about a couple other games being “THE GAME TO HAVE”, but none of them compared to this one. i’ve beaten this game quite a few times, and it’s a game that i wouldn’t mind beating again. it’s just great.

super mario all stars: meaning, the lost levels. i like it better than super mario bros., i think.

super metroid: oh wow! i love this game so much. seriously. everyone needs to play it. it’s beautiful.

street fighter II: i don’t think i necessarily beat THIS version of street fighter II. i think it was turbo or super, but regardless, i’ve beaten it with multiple fighters, etc.

tmnt IV: turtles in time: more arcade style fighting. this is a VERY short game, and one i probably won’t care about playing again, unless i’ve got an excited buddy to play with.

zombies ate my neighbors: i really like this game. but it’s another game that is more fun with 2 players. give it a shot.

the legend of zelda: a link to the past: quite possibly my all time favorite snes game. i don’t think there’s anything about this game that i DON’T like. it’s just so very good. ryan meier doesn’t know shit.


some snes games i’m pretty sure i’ve beaten, or at least got very close to beating:

flashback: the quest for identity: i know i got pretty far, but i’m not sure i beat it. this was all during one weekend when we rented it. i haven’t played it since then.

ken griffey jr. presents major league baseball: dunno if you can “beat” this game, but i remember playing it a lot. doing the seasons and stuff. blah blah.

the legend of the mystical ninja: i really doubt that i BEAT this, but i know that we got pretty far, and i remember really enjoying it. give it a shot.

nba jam: can you beat nba jam?

super adventure island: pretty sure i beat this. it’s not a hard or long game.

starfox: i don’t think i beat this every possible way. i know i beat it at LEAST one way.

wwf royal rumble: not sure you can “beat” this game either…



super mario 64: my all time favorite n64 game. fuck you if you don’t like this game.

shadowgate 64: yeah… not sure why i beat this. it’s really not worth the trouble.


some n64 games i’m pretty sure i’ve beaten, or at least got very close to beating:

starfox 64: who knows?

star wars: shadows of the empire: i remember playing this a lot at friends’ houses and renting it, but i can’t remember actually BEATING it.

mischeif makers: pretty sure i beat it. coulda just got distracted near the end, though.



contra hard corps: i have only beaten this one way, and that isn’t the “complete every level” way. so i don’t know if this counts?


some genesis games i’m pretty sure i’ve beaten, or at least got very close to beating:

mega bomberman: i think so! it has animals you can ride!

revenge of shinobi: pretty sure. the game’s tight cuz you fight spiderman, batman, and a cross between the hulk and the terminator



bushido blade: if this game has an ending, i can gaurantee i got to it.

fear effect: i remember enjoying this game. it’s an action/adventure sorta like a resident evil or something. probably won’t bother playing it again anytime soon. and if i do, i doubt i’ll bother trying to beat it again. HOWEVER… you could play it if you want to.

rival schools: united by fate: i beat this quite a few times with different characters. does that count?

super puzzle fighter 2 turbo: this is one of my favorite playstation games. it’s also my favorite puzzle game.


some playstation games i’m pretty sure i’ve beaten, or at least got very close to beating:

brave fencer musashi: i can’t remember the ending of this game, so that makes me think i didn’t beat it, but i know i spent a lot of time on it.

castlevania: symphony of the night: i think i beat it, but not COMPLETELY beat it. like… no inverted castle…

echo night: i don’t remember an ending.

front mission 3: i don’t remember an ending for this either. makes me think i probably didn’t end up finishing it.



metal slug 4/5: this is one of those games where you just have to hit continue a lot. so… it’s not a really great accomplishment or anything, but i like metal slug games.

katamari damacy: natalie and i just beat this a couple weeks ago. very fun game. very addictive. also very unique. A+



Dear Scott, Mega Man 9 (wtf?)

Last week word was leaked that a Mega Man 9 was forthcoming. “Oh, wow!” people said. The common conclusion was that it would be a high quality, big production to bring Mega Man into the current generation. Sure, Mega Man never went away, but his games of the last 10 years have been primarily spin-offs and have not used the latest technology. Apparently, Mega Man 9 will continue that tradition . . .

Yes, that is a screenshot for the upcoming Mega Man 9. Apparently, it will be a downloadable Wii Ware game that, as you can see, takes great pains to look just like the 6 NES Mega Man games. I could see the appeal of such a game . . . if it weren’t for the fact that there are already 6 NES Mega Man games! And it’s a step back because Mega Man 7 & 8 were released for SNES and PlayStation and have updated graphics. Plus, wasn’t Mega Man & Bass for SNES basically Mega Man 9? Sure, maybe the game will be great but what’s the point, since I and most people haven’t even beaten Mega Man 1-6? I don’t git it.


For Allison – Final Fantasy Tactics releases

Because Final Fantasy Tactics is basically a rebranding of the Battle Ogre series, they must be listed together.

1993 Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen
by Quest
Super NES, PlayStation
This is the game that started the whole silly series, developed by independent company Quest!

1995 Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together
by Quest
Super NES, PlayStation
After this release, several members of the Quest development team jumped ship for Squaresoft, where they worked on . . .

1997 Final Fantasy Tactics
by Square
Basically a Tactics Ogre game but with characters, settings, trappings, etc. from Final Fantasy.

1999 Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber
by Quest
Nintendo 64

2000 Ogre Battle: Legend of the Zenobia Prince
by Quest
NeoGeo Pocket Color
This one never dun come out outside of Japan so don’t try to git it.

2001 Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis
by Quest
Game Boy Advance
After this game was relased, Quest was absorbed by Square. Many of the former Quest developers now work on the FF Tactics series.

2003 Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
by Squaresoft
Game Boy Advance
The game Allison loves.

2007 Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
by Square Enix
An update of the original PS1 game.

2007 Final Fantasy Tactics A2
by Square Enix
Nintendo DS
The new game releasing stateside this month.


-AO- MAJOR EXPOSE! When Video Game Series Go Portable: Do They Count As Real Entries In Their Series?

The answer is: it depends.  Companies don’t exactly come out and say, “This here handheld game is a full-fledged entry in the series, Goddammit!” or “this is a half-assed sidegame that only the hardcore fans need bother with”.  However, there are clues.  Is the handheld game being developed by the same group of talented folks that design the main console games?  Is the game in question being treated like the next chapter in an epic saga or as a “side story”.  Also, is the publisher hyping it the way they would a console release or just kinda floating it out there?  Finally, does it feel like a cool new game or just a rehash?  The contestants:


Super Mario Land (Game Boy, 1989)

When Nintendo launched the Game Boy they knew they needed their most popular series to help make a splash.  Did they turn to Shigeru Miyamoto and his team at Nintendo EAD?  Nope.  Nintendo R&D1 took the reigns and made a mediocre game based somewhat on Super Mario Bros. with international themes and sloppy controls.  Verdict: Not a real Super Mario game

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (Game Boy, 1992)

Nintendo R&D1 struck again with a much better effort.  It attempts to capture the look and feel of Super Mario World but comes across pretty differently.  A decent game in its own right but not up to the standards of a REAL Super Mario game.  Verdict: Not a real Super Mario game

New Super Mario Bros. (DS, 2006)

Developed by Miyamoto’s Nintendo EAD team, including several of the developers that worked on the Super Mario Advance ports.  It’s too easy, but it’s definitely a satisfying game and feels right.  Nintendo hyped the hell out of it.  Verdict: A real Super Mario game


The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (Game Boy, 1993)

This game picks up right after the SNES game released 2 years later.  It pushes the Game Boy to the limits and has practically the exact same team of developers as the previous game.  Verdict: A real Zelda game

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (ame Boy Color, 2001)

These games reuse the 8-year old Link’s Awakening engine and their development was farmed out to Capcom.  They’re very good games but not exciting or important enough.  Verdict: Not real Zelda games.

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (Game Boy Advance, 2005) 

Looks nice, is a lot of fun.  Farmed out to Capcom (again).  Doesn’t do too much that’s new.  A very good game but Not a real Zelda game.

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (DS, 2007)

Attempts to continue the story from The Wind Waker but it’s the easiest Zelda game ever.  I never even had to use a guide and I’m pretty stupid.  Not really an epic adventure and not a real Zelda game.


Metroid II: Return of Samus (Game Boy, 1991)

Nintendo gives away the answer in the title.  The II shows that they’re treating it as a for-real entry.  It had been 5 years since the first Metroid and this new game was treated like a big event.  Verdict: a real Metroid game.

Metroid Fusion (game Boy Advance, 2002)

Great game with a lot of new ideas, directed by Yoshio Sakamato, the director of Metroid and Super Metroid.  In other words: a real Metroid game.

Metroid: Zero Mission (Game Boy Advance, 2004)

A re-telling of the original Metroid game with a great new chapter added on and new gameplay elements, again directed by Yoshio Sakamoto.  Verdict: a real Metroid game.

Metroid Prime Hunters (DS, 2006)

The gameplay is mission-based instead of exploratory and it was developed by Nintendo STC and not Retro Studios, the developers of the main Metroid Prime games.  Not a real Metoid Prime game.


Mario Kart Super Circuit (Game Boy Advance, 2001)

It was developed by Intelligent Systems but overseen by Miyamoto.  It feels totally true to the series, has very high production values and has been referenced in the later Mario Kart games.  Verdict: a real Mario Kart game.

Mario Kart DS (DS, 2005)

This one just has to be real cuz it’s the BEST game in the series.  Developed by Miyamoto’s crew.  Some of its tracks are reused in the new Wii game.  Verdict: the real deal.


Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic Chaos, Sonic Triple Trouble, Sonic Blast (Game Gear, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996)

These games try really hard to look and feel as good as the Genesis games.  The result is that they feel like replications rather than fresh new chapters.  Not developed by Sonic Team, either.  Verdict: Not real Sonic games.

Sonic Pocket Adventure, Sonic Advance, Sonic Advance 2, Sonic Advance 3, Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure (NeoGeo Pocket Color, 1999, Game Boy Advance, 2001, 2002, 2004, DS, 2005, 2007)

Sonic basically split into 2 separate series: the console series and the handheld series.  They share a continuity but have very different styles.  PS – the console Sonic games of the last few years are terrible while the handheld ones are great.  Real Sonic games.

More later?  I dunno.


video game commercials

think of this as an addendum to matt’s intellivision post. in his post, he talks about the mudslinging ads of mattel and sega, and it got me interested in watching old commercials. i found a few of these genesis and intellivision ads on youtube that i’ve included in this post, but i also included some non-agressive video game commercials. i think they are a lot of fun to watch. part of it is probably just nastalgia, but i think part of it is seeing the advertising strategies through the years. i think it would be interesting to take any product and find various ads for it from when it was first introduced up to modern day. maybe i’ll make a post or two like that someday.

so… here we go:

intellivision ads staring george plimpton:

sega master system:

nintendo entertainment system:

sega genesis:

super nintendo:

i love the donkey kong country ad and how it turns the positive selling points that sega uses (32bit, cd-roms, etc) into negatives, and proudly shouts that it is still 16bit.

sega game gear:

sega saturn:

and… here are some awful intellivision nerds.