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Fleur 4: The Movie

So here’s a respite from video game and Batman-related posts: a short movie made by myself and my good friend Ryan Ingram, waaaaaaaaaay back in 1999. Ten years! We made this during one of the very slow nights we had working at the Carmike Cinemas Fleur 4 Theatres in Des Moines, Iowa. Now known as the Fleur Cinema & Cafe, the theater shows …. But back in 1999 the Fleur was on its last legs, having recently become a discount theater due to the opening of a multiplex close by. The next year it would close, only to be reopened as an indie theater a couple years later.

ANYWAY….by the point this movie was shot, we often had nights where two, one or no people showed up. There was hardly anything to do…usually on these nights, we just reused popcorn made the night before instead of making fresh stuff. So even after doing our homework, we still had plenty of time to kill. Hence, this movie. I don’t remember where this idea came from…it was probably more of an excuse to screw around with camera angles and such, as opposed to creating well-rounded characters. But I think we’ve always found blind prejudice to be an interesting subject for comedy (is this funny?). But I’m trying not to oversell it: first and foremost, it’s a fun reminder of what was going on in my life ten years ago. So check it:

Thanks to Ingram for the upload!