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well, fox news really pinned the nail on the donkey this time. or something. here’s some kid talking about his near death experience, where he found out that everyone in heaven is young (PHEW, no wrinkles guys!). he also got to meet john the baptist, god, and jesus. why wouldn’t they all be together? and caring about this kid at all. this definitely makes sense.

here are some choice quotes:
‘god is a very very big person. he can actually fit the entire world into his hands.’

reporter: ‘wow. so many people want to know what you now know. what about jesus?’
kid: ‘well, jesus, he had a rough but kind face, sea blue eyes, and a smile that lit up the heavens.’

reporter: ‘and what about old people? they are not in heaven, right?’
kid: ‘nope, just young adults.’
then the dad says: ‘the good news, gretchen, is that when you’re up in heaven, it’ll be the young version.’

AMAZING. THIS TRULY IS AMAZING. video after the jump.

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Iowa loves gays

sorry about this. hate to be one of those people who just posts a link to some other article, but… i wanted to share this and don’t have time to write a long opinion piece to go with it.

Iowa Court Says Gay Marriage Ban Is Unconstitutional



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HELLO! Ann Coulter!

here are some videos that will give you a good feeling:

(taken from |LACONIC||ORATION|)


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Beati Paoli with Slyde and The Curse Of Hail 12/20/08

just wanted to remind people about the Beati Paoli show this weekend.

When:::Sat, December 20, 9:30 pm
Where:::The House Of Bricks – 525 E Grand Ave, Des Moines, Iowa (map)


see ya there!


the illustrations compiled on the flyer were taken from a spanish horror magazine called “Delirium”, which i can’t find ANY info on, and a painting of st denis, by Leon Bonnat. st denis is a cool character because after he was beheaded at montmartre, he picked up his severed head and walked for TWO MILES, preaching a sermon the whole way. he’s also the patron saint of HEADACHES! no joke.



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Banning Books About Banning Books

okay… so this is old, but i just now came across it.

a news story about some idiots trying to get fahrenheit 451 banned in some highschool.

watch it. it’s hard to believe these ignorant mother fuckers exist.

here are my favorite parts:

“what do you find objectionable about it?”

“the cussing in it and then the burning of the bible”

“with god’s name in vain being in it, that’s number one reason. and then… there’s no reason for it being read.”

“besides bad language and violence, verm lists ‘downgrading christians’ and ‘TALKING ABOUT OUR FIREMEN’ as reasons this book should be banned.”

impossible. it’s like a bad comedy sketch or something.



Another McCain Event Video

it’s like a trainwreck.



Ignorant happenings at McCain campaign events

matt posted about these ignorant happenings recently.

here is the video of the event he was talking about:

and here are some more precious mccain event videos:

and one here, which may or may not actually be at a mccain event.