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The strange contradiction of abortion and capital punishment

Why is it that the same group of people that are so against abortion, citing the preciousness of life, are also so in favor of the death penalty?  And why is it that the same people that are pro-choice are so against the death penalty, often claiming that we become as bad as the killers by killing them?  Well, what is it, then?  If life is so precious why are we willing to kill people when nothing can be accomplished by it?  On the other side, why is it so awful to kill someone that stole someone else’s life, but okay to destroy a completely innocent person that happens to be in a womb?

In a previous post, Scott commented that the beginning of life has to be determined to know when you’re killing a person and not just an unfeeling, unknowing fetus.  Well, that’s pretty easy to determine.  A person is medically considered dead when brain wave activity ceases.  So, it’s simple: life begins when brain activity begins.

PS – Legally, doctors cannot perform abortions on a viable fetus aka a fetus that could live if ripped from the uterus and given proper care/treatment.  That’s nice, but the doctors that assess the viability are the same that will perform the potential abortion, a clear ethical conflict of interest.



Wow, I guess I’m voting for Obama (UGH)

I planned to vote for a 3rd party candidate in this election as I’m not wild about either nominee but McCain’s VP selection has pretty much convinced me to try to keep his ticket out of the White Haus, even though I semi-despise Barack “Change/Hope/repeat” Obama.

Mild reasons to vote against Silly Palin: zero foreign policy experience, no economic skills, pregnant teenage daughter (can’t even control things at home).

Serious reasons to vote against Palin: NRA member and hunting enthusiast, proponent of teaching CREATIONISM IN SCIENCE CLASS.

Holy shit.

PS – Preemptive address to Johnny B,

Yes, John, I know you or your father are probably NRA members and you might be offended.  If you recall from earlier posts I am a supporter of the 2nd Amendment but the NRA is a sick, sick, fucking organization and clearly the most hypocritical lobbying organization in America.  Even PETA and Planned Parenthood look sane by comparison.  NRA claims to be a “single issue organization” which is their repeated excuse for not lobbying for true conservation.  Somehow I don’t see how the “single issue” of gun rights includes 1) constantly sticking up for cops even when they’re wrong, 2) lobbying on behalf of trapping practices that have nothing to do with firearms or, 3) as they did until recently, support the ownership of assault weapons.

PPS – Abortion: some people don’t like Palin because she doesn’t support abortions in any situation but I more or less agree with that.

And for you vegetarians out there that don’t eat meat for moral reasons, how do you defend being pro-choice (if you are, that is)?  Moral vegetarian + Pro-choice = hypocrite

Thank you.