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Laconic Oration – January

Natalie and I maintain an image-blog over at laconicoration.tumblr.com.

Here is a very small taste of what was posted there in January:

i’ve also posted samples from December, November, October, and September. However… you could always just stop over to the site itself


American Media

image stolen from this site right here


Iowa loves gays

sorry about this. hate to be one of those people who just posts a link to some other article, but… i wanted to share this and don’t have time to write a long opinion piece to go with it.

Iowa Court Says Gay Marriage Ban Is Unconstitutional



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HELLO! Ann Coulter!

here are some videos that will give you a good feeling:

(taken from |LACONIC||ORATION|)


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CANON SONIQUE: a mixtape (5)

continuing the online mixtape.

song (5):

Manic Street Preachers“Ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayit’sworldwouldfallapart”

this is track two on The Holy Bible, which you can buy on their website.

the manic street preachers are some silly socialists from wales. they’ve been around since the late 80’s and have a new album coming out in 2009 (produced by Steve Albini). “the holy bible” was released in 1994, and is the last album to include lyricist/guitarist richey james edwards, who disappeared in ’95. (like true socialists, the remaining members continue to put 25% of all the earned royalties into an account in richey’s name)

some videos:

covering rihanna’s “umbrella”


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Another SA post…

So, in some parts of Texas (and other parts of the nation I assume), people are rushing out to buy guns, as a direct result of Obama getting elected. Gun-enthusiasts are fearful that the Obama administration will toughen gun control laws due mainly to the fact that Obama is a democrat and an off-the-record quotation; according to the BBC article, Obama has said very little about plans to change gun control laws. The BBC article has some interesting points from a European standpoint and can be found here. And here are some quotations from the article:

Sales of military-style assault weapons (like the Russian-designed AK-47) which are considered the likeliest targets for future curbs have increased by 50% in some areas.

“Being a single mum, I can’t imagine not having a gun for home protection because that makes me a more confident parent, knowing that if someone intrudes into my home I know exactly what to do and my son knows what I’m going to do. I’m going to shoot to kill.”

Top Gun is the kind of business that simply could not exist in Europe – the staff wear holstered handguns both in the shop and on the shooting range.

No area of American daily life makes this country feel more foreign to Europeans – business is brisk at the range and plenty of doctors, lawyers and office workers stop off on the way home from work to sharpen their skills and to relieve a little stress.

Caption from article: The Top Gun shooting gallery could not exist in Europe.

– Allison AKA ninjagarden

Ignorance And Bigotry

i’m sorry to be that guy who gets hung up and beats horses TO DEATH, but i just had to share these fabulously progressive and enlightened things my fellow americans like to do…

check out Socialogical Images for more anger inspiring content.