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80’s Music Videos: Theme From 2010

I have decided to start an occasional series that spotlights an 80’s video. The videos spotlighted will be rare, unusual,creative or ones that are well-known.   So to start off not only the series but the year is, appropriately enough, the video “Theme From 2010” by The Police member Andy Summers.  The song is an updated version of “Also Sprach Zarathustra”.  The movie which the theme was taken from is the sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s “2001”.  The music video incorporates scenes from “2010” and of Andy Summers in a great way. Enjoy!


Chickens Must Maintain Order

i’m sure most of you have seen this already, but i surely do love it.

someday i hope this is my backyard.



Every Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe Fatality

You’re welcome.


1.) As you can see in the video above, only the Mortal Kombat characters and DC villains perform actual fatalities. The DC heroes make due with “heroic brutalities” (just like the police!).

2.) I think we can agree that it was heroically brutal of Captain Marvel to uppercut Batman into the air, strike him with a lightning bolt and then slam him feet-first from a great height at supersonic speed into the marble floor, something that will undoubtedly prove to be fatal. I mean, brutally heroic.

3.) Speaking of Captain Marvel: it’s really disturbing to see the Captain, who in reality is an eight-year old boy and has been the star of enumerable tales of fantasy and whimsy, get his head caved in by Jax.

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Mexican Drug Lords

So, have people been following the decapitations that have been going on lately? I’m not sure if decapitations happen regularly around the world or if it’s just being reported heavily due to the really weird one (Yes, must be extremely weird for a decapitation to stand out as really weird.) that happened on the Canadian Greyhound bus. But anyway, I guess it might not be completely due to the ease of being able to reference readers back to a top story because the decapitations kept happening in Mexico.

The first Mexican decapitation article I read about was back in early August of this year. The initial article was vague and stated something along the lines of, “A few bodies were found without heads. There was a message written on their backs. The end.” Since that article, I’ve read about a few more beheadings:

Aug 27: In Tijuana, three decapitated bodies were found with attached, drug-related messages. The burnt heads were found at a separate, nearby location.

Aug 29: Eleven headless bodies were found in Yucatan, again, with messages and burnt heads found nearby.

Oct 20: Four heads that were originally mistaken for medical use were received at a police station in Ascension–a northern Mexican city that neighbors a Ciudad Juarez, which has had over 3,800 drug-related murders this year.

There’s a lot more drug-related violence, kidnapping, scandal, protest and murder that has been happening in Mexico. You can read the articles here.

Being removed from the situation, I don’t really have much to comment, other than it’s interesting and shocking and this is one of the reasons you shouldn’t use illegal drugs that you have no idea where they came from. So I will say that I’m looking forward to Scarface II: Tijuana Invasion.

Sheriff Refuses to Enforce Evictions

Cops can be kinda rad SOMETIMES:

As the nationwide mortgage crisis puts the squeeze on homeowners, the Cook County sheriff’s office is on pace to evict more people than ever from foreclosed homes.

At least it was until Wednesday, when Sheriff Tom Dart announced he wouldn’t do it anymore.

Dart cited the growing number of evictions that involve rent-paying tenants who suddenly learn their building is in foreclosure because the landlord neglected to pay the mortgage. By refusing to do any foreclosure-related evictions, the hope is that banks will change their policies.

Read more at truthout.org




Atheists caught having sex in cathedral

my favorite part of cnn stories is that they give you the story ‘highlights.’ which are, for this story:

1. Man and woman being caught having sex during morning Mass
2. Italian couple defended their actions claiming they are atheists
3. Bishop of Cesena: Couple’s behavior was blasphemous and offensive
4. Mass to be held to restore the cathedral’s “purity”

i mean, what’s the point of these highlights? especially when the story itself is less than a quarter of a page long? actually, this whole article blows my mind because of its stupidity.

here’s the rest of the story:

(CNN) — A man and a woman have been charged by police in Italy after they were found having sex in a confession box, it was reported Wednesday.

The Italian ANSA news agency said the young man and woman were taken into custody by police in the northern city of Cesena following a telephone complaint from a man attending morning Mass in the city’s cathedral.

Authorities were alerted after a parishoner heard “rustling and groaning” coming from inside the confession box and pulled back the curtains to reveal a goth-rock couple engaged in oral sex, ANSA said.

The agency said the pair — a 31-year-old laborer and a 32-year-old teacher — defended their conduct saying: “We are atheists and for us, having sex in church is like doing it any other place.”

However, Bishop Antonio Lanfranchi of Cesena-Sarsina took said the couple’s behavior was “an outrage of notable proportions which bespeaks unutterable squalor.”

He added that a special ceremony would be held to purify the confession box.