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Stocking Stuffers! #1

With the holiday season coming up, everyone is going to be buying gifts for people, so I thought I would help find those one of a kind gifts for you!!

So I came across this sweet invention. Can’t wait to see how it works. It’s called Rape-Axe. It was invented in Africa. It’s a barbed condom that women would wear in their vaginas and if a dude gets too ambitious, BAM!! You’re going to jail! This will probably never ever make it to the commercial market but this would make a great stocking stuffer! Nothing says Merry Christmas like “I caught your penis with a Rape-Axe!”



I am not a novelty cup…


Just the other day, a customer brought the above pictured cup into Mars Cafe. For some reason, it blew me away.
I suppose one reason would be, I spend 30+ hours working in a coffee shop and so I see a large number of people come in and get there drinks in papers cups. You begin to realize the enormous amount of waste that can be created from coffee shops through just paper cups. Especially the people who get their drinks in paper cups but then spend three hours in the shop. But I’m going off on a preachy tangent. The short of it is,I appreciate people using actual travel cups/mugs/etc. Or at least people who try to conserve.
However, usually those travel cups are all the same looking. Boring. Metalic. Blah.
Again, I realize that this is something that only a barista would notice, but that’s my job. So I notice.

I suppose what really appeals to me concerning the cup is the design. It looks like a boring paper cup. But it’s ceramic. And the lid looks like a boring plastic lid. But it’s silicone.

Perhaps the design is a little to clever for some people. In fact, it’s probably exactly like how I feel about this…


Yes, this did preceed the “I am not a paper cup.” But I just like the simplistic nature of the mug.

As an aside, while I was doing a bit of internet research on the “I am not…” stuff, I read one person’s encounter with a woman whom had the “I am not a plastic bag” in one hand and two actual plastic bags in the other.


I’m guessing this is probably one of those people Scott was talking about…