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news with natalie

here is a new feature I am working on AT THE MOMENT. it is called news with natalie and it is the news.

here is today’s RUNDOWN.

swine flu is over! if you didn’t get a vaccine, finally you can go outside! no one overreacted about this pandemic AT ALL. be careful!

WAIT. a dramatic video containing a car crash on a RACETRACK? this does sound dramatic! click through to see the drama! see it?

one last thing–if you haven’t seen EAT PRAY LOVE, don’t! you MIGHT want to check this out, though:
it does look like an absolute delight.

i love you.


Predictions For the Next 10 Years

I watch and read a lot of news, thinking about issues and where the world is headed and what not.  A new decade is fast approaching.  Hard to believe, but the 2010’s are less then 9 months away.  Anyway these are my thoughts for the next 10 years.

Abortion: Now I’m not necessarily for abortion, but I can’t see abortion becoming illegal in the United States.  Their  may be tougher restrictions in the future, but overall abortion will still be an available choice.

China: China is fast becoming a world power and major player on the world stage.  It will surpass the United States as the economic power. And the United States will no longer be the sole superpower politically. Instead it will be a “multi-polar” world where the U.S. Europe, Russia, China and to a lesser extent, other parts of the world will have an equal footing and say on the world stage. For culture such as movies, TV, popular  culture, and music America will still be the dominating force though not as much and other countries being a greater force worldwide.

Health care: The United States will have some form of universal health care in place by 2019. I just think it’s inevitable with Obama in office and the Democrats in power.

Past Torture Issues: Irrespective of whether the Bush Administration really crossed the line or not in respect to the handling of suspected terrorists in Guantanamo Bay or those sent to “secret prisons”; Bush, Cheney and others  working for them will not be put on trial.  Obama has already said it will not happen.  Doing so will make Republicans even more against his policies and agenda in my opinion.

Gay Marriage: Gay marriage will become legal across the nation, probably on a deeply divided vote by the Supreme Court.

War on Terrorism: Surprisingly, I believe the war in Afghanistan will have not only ended by 2019, but in less then 5 years.  2  possible scenarios :The Taliban and the U.S. will come to some kind of truce or the Taliban will simply give up much like Al-Qaeda did in Iraq due to our drones bombing them and their leaders. Once the Taliban are gone Al-Qaeda will soon be destroyed – and Osama Bin Laden.

Just want to say that these are just my thoughts and even a few of my predictions I hope will not come true. Feel free to give your own opinions and thoughts.

2010movie_end Discokid

The point of rating tragic news??

Maybe I’m missing the point completely, but The Chicago Tribune online lets people rate news stories on a 1-5 star scale.  There’s no explanation as to what people are rating.  So, I assume the ratings are based on pertinance of information, coherence of information,  amount of information, level of enjoyment/dissatisfaction and/or level of journalistic reporting.  Whatever the assumption, it comes across as really tacky when tragic news stories are rated on this ambiguous five-star scale. 

Man, 23, shot, killed on Southside

Woman’s body in street near Marina Towers


Another SA post…

So, in some parts of Texas (and other parts of the nation I assume), people are rushing out to buy guns, as a direct result of Obama getting elected. Gun-enthusiasts are fearful that the Obama administration will toughen gun control laws due mainly to the fact that Obama is a democrat and an off-the-record quotation; according to the BBC article, Obama has said very little about plans to change gun control laws. The BBC article has some interesting points from a European standpoint and can be found here. And here are some quotations from the article:

Sales of military-style assault weapons (like the Russian-designed AK-47) which are considered the likeliest targets for future curbs have increased by 50% in some areas.

“Being a single mum, I can’t imagine not having a gun for home protection because that makes me a more confident parent, knowing that if someone intrudes into my home I know exactly what to do and my son knows what I’m going to do. I’m going to shoot to kill.”

Top Gun is the kind of business that simply could not exist in Europe – the staff wear holstered handguns both in the shop and on the shooting range.

No area of American daily life makes this country feel more foreign to Europeans – business is brisk at the range and plenty of doctors, lawyers and office workers stop off on the way home from work to sharpen their skills and to relieve a little stress.

Caption from article: The Top Gun shooting gallery could not exist in Europe.

– Allison AKA ninjagarden

Banning Books About Banning Books

okay… so this is old, but i just now came across it.

a news story about some idiots trying to get fahrenheit 451 banned in some highschool.

watch it. it’s hard to believe these ignorant mother fuckers exist.

here are my favorite parts:

“what do you find objectionable about it?”

“the cussing in it and then the burning of the bible”

“with god’s name in vain being in it, that’s number one reason. and then… there’s no reason for it being read.”

“besides bad language and violence, verm lists ‘downgrading christians’ and ‘TALKING ABOUT OUR FIREMEN’ as reasons this book should be banned.”

impossible. it’s like a bad comedy sketch or something.




So, big news: another search engine site has been unveiled that is attempting to rival Google! It was developed by former Google employees and boasts that it completes more effective searches, has more pages in its index and is just way better than Google. I tried out the search engine, Cuil (pronounced “Cool” and meaning knowledge or hazel in Gaelic), and here are my notes.

1. The presentation of the main page is pleasing enough. There are no ads. It’s black, opposed to Google’s white. It’s easy.

2. The name: I’m okay with the idea of looking up the word of what your product is or does and then choosing the translation in the coolest-sounding, ancient language. It’s probably a huge point of excitement or disappointment when you happen to live in a place that speaks the language. Also, I’m kind of tempted to say “Cool-ey” for no reason, other than it is fun to say and my mind sometimes wants to reverse the “i” and “l.”

3. They are still working out the kinks, for sure. I tried this search site using Mac’s Safari browser and it pretty much didn’t work after entering a term on Cuil’s main page. For example, after going to cuil.com, I typed in “Beati Paoli.” The search results were pretty accurate, showing sites pertaining to both Beati Paoli’s historical meaning and the band. Then I thought to myself that I would research dogs and attempted to type “dogs” in the search bar on the page displaying the Beati Paoli results. BUT, the website would not let me click in the search bar and just kept highlighting the entire page. Uhh…hopefully they get this fixed before you read this post cause not working on Safari is kind of a big deal since I hear Safari is the “world’s best browser.”

4. I tried Cuil using the Firefox browser and everything worked smoothly. I was able to complete subsequent searches and the results came up swimmingly.

5. UNTIL, I tried the simple search “map,” which pulled up this message “Sorry, an error occurred. Please try your search again. If the problem persists, please be assured that our team is working quickly to resolve the issue.” I tried searching for “map” multiple times to see if this was some sort of time-out error on both Safari and Firefox and the same error message appeared. I also tried searching for other terms after searching for maps and they came up fine. So, apparently, people can’t search for the term map right now.

6. The layout is more appealing to me than Google’s. It’s definitely more visual (and busy), with the three columns and thumbnails of a select image, which I’m not sure how it is chosen, from the site. I also enjoy the tabs that sort out popular categories of your search. The Explore By Category looks like it might be useful too.

Conclusion: I will update my homepage to cuil.com and make a real conclusion in a week!

propaganda: subliminal messages and bad photoshopping

there are a lot of people who still refuse to believe that the media is to blame for how society acts. i’m not saying that people aren’t responsible for their own actions or anything, and i’m not saying that it’s entirely the media who shape the comfortable majority of the world. however… you can’t dismiss the media as a harmless entity, and you can never take it at face value. there is a core audience and propaganda directed towards that audience in everything you can see or hear. and there is always a motive.

i ran across two great examples today that i thought i’d share:



It now appears that mere exposure to an object is especially likely to increase liking for that object when people are unaware of this exposure (Bornstein 1989; Bornstein and D’Agostino 1992).

(intelstrike has a good excerpt about subliminal messages from a social cognition book.)


i guess it’s undetermined whether this photo was actually tampered with by iran or if another country did it, but regardless of the source, it’s hillarious.

a ny times blog has more info on this.



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