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Beati Paoli on the “unsigned artist showcase” today

Beati Paoli is going to be featured on westsidewill.com today. They will be on the “unsigned artist showcase”. Since we are in no way a major label, i think they can fit in the “unsigned” category just fine. right!?

you should all go listen to it.


you should vote for beati paoli by clicking THIS LINK!

here’s a banner to click on to check out westsidewill.com:



europe trip chapter 3 (5 hour day)

good work, first of all, waking up at 6pm today. looks like we aren’t jet-lagged.

after getting up just in time for dinner, i showered and we ran out of the house and ran all the way to the bus stop which is about 10 feet away from my door. i was winded so we decided to take the bus. scott pissed me off because he wanted to take stuff to do on the bus, and obviously my anger was vindicated because isn’t talking to me on the bus enough!? anyway i ended up taking stuff to read and he didn’t heh.

we went to covent garden, which is a super tourist-y market with shops and stands and food. we both had cheese and tomato paninis, and watched this really great street act. the guy doing the street act was apparently going to start juggling a chainsaw, and kept telling us about it, but he kept getting annoyed because the audience wasn’t clapping enough, and he kept bringing up the fact that a lot of us were standing with our hands in our pockets or our arms crossed. also, he kept threatening to leave and go have sex with his girlfriend if the audience wasn’t supportive enough, and he threatened a group of teenagers like three times. i mean threatened as in, ‘i am literally going to line every one of them up and kill them, i know it’s not pc but i am going to kill them all.’ anyway i felt good about him holding a chainsaw. before he did the chainsaw though, he packed up his suitcase and started walking away…i think he was expecting people to start clapping or something to try to get him back?? they didn’t, but he came back anyway, which is always good. then he was going to get up on a really tall unicycle, and needed four guys to hold it and one large man to help him get up, so after a lot of cajoling he got some people to volunteer, but before he would climb up there he did some other stupid shit, like take his clothes off and throw things in the air and not catch them. so three of the five volunteers left, and so did we. oh, bonus: his soundtrack was hey ya by outkast, slim shady by the real slim shady, and some song by pink. i was actually really glad that the playlist was so oldschool i guess.

then we walked around through chinatown and soho, and walked to trafalgar square. oh! we got a crepe which wasn’t that great (does that rhyme?) but i was pleased that they served our hot drinks in glasses, not cups. after that we walked MORE because scott has never walked before in his life, he told me. we came across a gay and a girl who were playing what scott called ‘gypsy jazz’ music, and what i call jug band music without the ole jug. they were really really great, the guy was playing the clarinet like a sax which changed my mind about clarinets. i played one until 10th grade and have hated them ever since but now i am a fan wow! things change i GUESS. anyway this cute old man with a bright yellow scarf started talking to them and then a rolls royce rolled up and so i think he was from a record label and was hooking them up, OR he needed a slave who would play clarinet because no joke this guy was alright. then we came home and now we are being cute and sitting in bed on our computers. not ON them please don’t be silly.

here are today’s great photos

‘natalie, we have to look romantic, please try to look romantic’

there’s a great merman statue behind us
and lots of great drunk kids in front of us

he has an instrument

look at that beard! wow