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Beati Paoli Winter Tour 2009!


Tomorrow begins BP’s short but (hopefully) memorable jaunt down south, then up north east, and then back west to Des Moines, aka “Beati Paoli Winter Tour 2009!” Original, I know.  Here is all the info you’ll need!

Fri. – Jan 30th –  Omaha, NE : Barley St Tavern w/ Adam Robert Haug, It’s True, Oui Bandits, and Spring Acres

Sat. – Jan 31st – Wichita, KS: Vertical Violet w/ polarOPPOSITEbear, Androids of Ex Lovers, and Toy Sails

Sun.- Feb 1st – Dallas, TX: The Lounge on Elm St w/ The Hot Tickets 8pm

Mon.-Feb 2nd –  Hopefully not freezing to death somehwhere between Dallas and Springfield.

Tues.- Feb 3rd – Springfield, MO: The Outland

Wed. – Feb 4th – St Louis, MO: The Way Out w/ Sine Nomine, and Tok  9:30pm

Thurs. – Feb 5th – Indianaoplis, IN: Melody Inn w/ Trinity James and Big Bad, and People vs. Radio 8pm

Fri. – Feb 6th – Lexington, KY: C.P.R. w/ Ocelots, The Yes People, Drive Far Fast, Kraken Fury, 7pm

Sat. – Feb 7th – Bloomington, IN: The Clinic w/ Waxeater, IfIHadAHifi, Found Objects, Year of the Scavenger, 9pm FREE!

Sun. – Feb 8th – Iowa City, IA: PS ONE w/info still to comez….

This tour is going to be grand. Hitting up some old favorites, as well as some new places. Expect (maybe) daily updates from the road.  And this time, our roadie will be everyone’s favorite youtuber and TNM blogger, Tony!

See you in the funny pages