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The Snuggie Blanket

Well, barely three weeks into the new year and I already broken one of my (actually only) New Year’s resolution. “What was it?” you ask?  It was to update the blog at least once a week, that’s what.


I’ll trudge on anyway and pretend last week will be an isolated incident.

On to better things….

Last week, as I was babysitting lil’ baby Leo, I was watching cable television (hey, I take this babysitting thing seriously. I order pizza, talk on the phone, have my boyfriend come over, all of the important things that good babysitters do), when a commercial for the Snuggie Blanket came on.

Now, after a bit of internet research, I’ve come to realize this thing has been around for a little while now, so excuse me if this is old hat.  Immediately after seeing it, I was dumbfounded that someone had the dumb idea to simply take a bathrobe (which looks like a rejected costume from “Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope”), turn it around, and market it as a completely new product. But then my perplexity was quickly replaced by awe.  I  realized that the person who “created” the Snuggie was fairly brilliant. I mean, people always say the simplest  way to invent something is to take an already existing item and improve upon it.  This person said “fuck that” and took an already existing item and did nothing to it except suggest people wear it backwards and gave it a new name. Then the person went on to create problems with which most people are supposed to identify, such as blankets which “slip and slide” and when having to reach for something “your hands are trapped inside.”

This thought process was eventually interrupted with I realized I had left lil’ eight-month-old Leo in the bathtub for the last few minutes and figured I should get back to supervising him.