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Least Viewed Posts

we have a little widget on the side of the page over there that is constantly updating itself with the most popular blog posts of the day. it’s pretty fun to see what kind of articles people are reading, but for me it’s just as fun to see what nobody bothered to read. thanks to the wordpress stats, i can do just that! and did!

here’s a list of the least viewed posts since we started the blog:

matt argos: sports fashion police
christmas carolz
movie party 1
europe trip: chapter 15 (getting a good deal done)
season’s greetings!
movie party: the rocky series
the urgency tour, days 4/5/6
bionic commando: rearmed
vote for beati paoli!
beati paoli w/ everthus the deadbeats: june 25th

sure… some of these, i understand the low view count, but there are also some decent posts in this list!