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how awesome is this guy?


ASCAP attacking blogs for embedding YouTube videos

real cool, ASCAP. real. cool.

read about it on gawker.com

this doesn’t make sense to me, because, from what i understand, if the owner of a music video doesn’t want it on youtube, they can get it pulled. maybe i’m confused, but regardless… is it really the blogs that ASCAP should be going after? seems to me that their whole battle should be waged against YouTube. if YouTube didn’t host the videos, bloggers couldn’t share them. right? and, ultimately, WHAT THE FUCK DOES IT MATTER?! it’s even less serious than the AWFUL crime of downloading a song from a file sharing site or whatever. get bent.



U.S. proposed “security pact” with iraq

the u.s. government is trying to get the iraqi government to sign a “security pact” by the end of july.

here are a few of the provisions… it:

  • grants the U.S. long-term rights to maintain over 50 military bases in their California-sized country
  • allows the U.S. to strike any other country from within Iraqi territory without the permission of the Iraqi government
  • allows the U.S. to conduct military activities in Iraq without consulting with the local government
  • allows U.S. forces to arrest any Iraqi without consulting with Iraqi authorities
  • extends to U.S. troops and contracters immunity from Iraqi law
  • gives U.S. forces control of Iraqi airspace below 29,000ft.
  • places the Iraqi Defense, Interior and National Security ministries, under American supervision for ten years
  • gives the U.S. responsibility for Iraqi armament contracts for ten years

read more here: counterpunch.org