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the “games i’ve beaten” list. for matt, mostly.

okay. matt recently made a post asking for lists of completed video games. i’ve played exactly 1,000,582 games in my lifetime, so the idea of making a complete list of every game i’ve beaten made me feel a bit FAINT. (also… i have a really bad memory for stuff like this) instead, i’ve decided to make a list of completed games IN MY COLLECTION.

let’s go!!!


the adventures of link: i only just beat this game a few months back. i remember hating it as a child. i think mostly because it wasn’t much like the legend of zelda. however, upon revisiting it in my old age, i’ve decided that this game is really really good, and i wish that nintendo would make another zelda game in this same style. it won’t happen, but i would play it if it did.

bionic commando: one of my all time favorite games. it’s just great. they’re remaking this for xbox 360. check it out/watch the trailer.

castlevania II: simon’s quest: i didn’t remember beating this one, but after seeing ryan beat last month, i feel like i actually had beat it back in the day.

contra: such a fun game. i’ve beat it quite a few times.

deja vu: i’ve beat this one a few times as well. i used to love these old adventure games.

jackal: the classic drive-around-in-a-jeep-and-shoot-things game. very few can compete.

the legend of zelda: beat this one FOREVER ago. either late 80s or early 90s. i want to pick it up again sometime soon

maniac mansion: oh boy! i think i’ve beaten this game every way possible.

metroid: i beat this game back when i was really devoted. also, i didn’t have the internet. i drew my own maps throughout the game. i may still have them laying around somewhere.

nintendo world cup: does this count? do sports games count?

shadowgate: i’ve beaten this one a few times too, but always with many years in between each conquest. the latest was just this year, and i had forgotten almost everything about it. that’s the beauty of a poor memory, i guess… it makes old things new again!

spy vs spy: this is probably more fun as a two player game, but when you’re young and only have a handful of games, you take what you can get.

super c: like contra, this game is great for picking up whenever, and it really doesn’t take much to beat it.

super mario bros. 2: this was one of the favorites as a child. and then mario 3 came out…

super mario bros. 3: probably THE BEST game ever made for the nes. i’m sure there are people who will debate this, but for me, growing up when i did, super mario bros. 3 was so fucking great that all other games pale in comparison. the guide that i got through nintendo power was read to death. i remember taking it everywhere. at the end, it was being held together with a million pieces of tape.

tmnt 2: the arcade game: this is another game that is way more fun with 2 players. playing it now bores me. jump kick, jump kick, jump kick, etc., but back when it came out, this game was the bee’s knees.

tmnt 3: the manhatten project: basically a continuation of tnmt2, but with some special moves. blah blah blah.

uninvited: another kemco/seika adventure ported from the macventure collection. not as good as deja vu or shadowgate, but still quite fun.


some nes games i’m pretty sure i’ve beaten, or at least got very close to beating:

castlevania III: dracula’s curse: i like this game.

double dragon: i think i may have only beaten it on the sega master system, but… maybe…

mega man 2: i’m pretty sure i beat this one, as well as a couple others, but they all run together in my head.

mike tyson’s punch-out: i know i’ve GOTTEN to old iron mike, but i honestly can’t tell you if i’ve beaten him myself.

ninja gaiden: dunno. just dunno.

ninja gaiden II: i’m pretty sure i beat this…

wwf wrestlemania: i don’t even remember if there is a definitive end to this game, but if there is, i can gaurantee i’ve made it.



secret of evermore: i remember really enjoying this game, but at the same i time, i remember parts of it being rather time consuming and tedius. i probably will never try to beat it again, but if you have time and patience, please give it a try.

final fantasy II: this was one of those “summer vacaction games”. we didn’t have strict bedtimes during summer breaks, and by this time i had an old tv in my room, so i would stay up all night playing rpgs while a cool summer breeze blew in through the open windows. because of when i played it, i don’t remember this game having any music.

actraiser: i always liked the mixing of genres in this game. it’s a pretty quick game, so give it a shot.

super castlevania IV: this was one of the first games we had for the snes. that being said, you can imagine that i’ve beaten it quite a few times.

contra III: the alien wars: contra games are good!!!

disney’s goof troop: a very short puzzle/action game. i got this a couple years ago because it was on sale for zero bucks or something. it’s quick and easy, but it is fun. i think allison would like it at least.

donkey kong country: when it came out, this was THE GAME to have. so we got it. and i beat every aspect of it. but i never really got into the sequels. maybe i burnt myself out.

judge dredd: i liked the comics, and i found it on sale. not the best game, but it’s fun. probably wouldn’t play it too much these days.

killer instinct: another “GAME YOU NEED TO GET” when it came out. and we got it. i think i’ve played this game more than any other fighting game ever. not cuz it’s the best or anything, but cuz it was the only fighting game we had at the time.

lester the unlikely: this was a game that i’m guessing didn’t sell very well. i got it at KAY-BEE toys on sale. it’s one of those action/adventure games like prince of persia or flashback or whatever. the one thing i really liked about it was that as you progress through the game, your character turns from a weak, dorky guy into a rather fit, capable guy. the end.

ranma 1/2: hard battle: i really liked anime back in middle school/early high school. especially ranma 1/2. that’s probably the only reason i played this game so much…

shadowrun: this was another “summer vacation game”, but this one was a different year, and the tv was in the basement. i spent a lot of hot summer afternoons playing this while listening to “maximum perversion” by the mephiskapheles and hellcat records’s “give ’em the boot vol. 1”.

super bomberman: great game. it’s bomberman. so… it’s like most of the other bomberman games

super bomberman 2: another great game. etc.

super mario world: OH LORD!!! i talked about a couple other games being “THE GAME TO HAVE”, but none of them compared to this one. i’ve beaten this game quite a few times, and it’s a game that i wouldn’t mind beating again. it’s just great.

super mario all stars: meaning, the lost levels. i like it better than super mario bros., i think.

super metroid: oh wow! i love this game so much. seriously. everyone needs to play it. it’s beautiful.

street fighter II: i don’t think i necessarily beat THIS version of street fighter II. i think it was turbo or super, but regardless, i’ve beaten it with multiple fighters, etc.

tmnt IV: turtles in time: more arcade style fighting. this is a VERY short game, and one i probably won’t care about playing again, unless i’ve got an excited buddy to play with.

zombies ate my neighbors: i really like this game. but it’s another game that is more fun with 2 players. give it a shot.

the legend of zelda: a link to the past: quite possibly my all time favorite snes game. i don’t think there’s anything about this game that i DON’T like. it’s just so very good. ryan meier doesn’t know shit.


some snes games i’m pretty sure i’ve beaten, or at least got very close to beating:

flashback: the quest for identity: i know i got pretty far, but i’m not sure i beat it. this was all during one weekend when we rented it. i haven’t played it since then.

ken griffey jr. presents major league baseball: dunno if you can “beat” this game, but i remember playing it a lot. doing the seasons and stuff. blah blah.

the legend of the mystical ninja: i really doubt that i BEAT this, but i know that we got pretty far, and i remember really enjoying it. give it a shot.

nba jam: can you beat nba jam?

super adventure island: pretty sure i beat this. it’s not a hard or long game.

starfox: i don’t think i beat this every possible way. i know i beat it at LEAST one way.

wwf royal rumble: not sure you can “beat” this game either…



super mario 64: my all time favorite n64 game. fuck you if you don’t like this game.

shadowgate 64: yeah… not sure why i beat this. it’s really not worth the trouble.


some n64 games i’m pretty sure i’ve beaten, or at least got very close to beating:

starfox 64: who knows?

star wars: shadows of the empire: i remember playing this a lot at friends’ houses and renting it, but i can’t remember actually BEATING it.

mischeif makers: pretty sure i beat it. coulda just got distracted near the end, though.



contra hard corps: i have only beaten this one way, and that isn’t the “complete every level” way. so i don’t know if this counts?


some genesis games i’m pretty sure i’ve beaten, or at least got very close to beating:

mega bomberman: i think so! it has animals you can ride!

revenge of shinobi: pretty sure. the game’s tight cuz you fight spiderman, batman, and a cross between the hulk and the terminator



bushido blade: if this game has an ending, i can gaurantee i got to it.

fear effect: i remember enjoying this game. it’s an action/adventure sorta like a resident evil or something. probably won’t bother playing it again anytime soon. and if i do, i doubt i’ll bother trying to beat it again. HOWEVER… you could play it if you want to.

rival schools: united by fate: i beat this quite a few times with different characters. does that count?

super puzzle fighter 2 turbo: this is one of my favorite playstation games. it’s also my favorite puzzle game.


some playstation games i’m pretty sure i’ve beaten, or at least got very close to beating:

brave fencer musashi: i can’t remember the ending of this game, so that makes me think i didn’t beat it, but i know i spent a lot of time on it.

castlevania: symphony of the night: i think i beat it, but not COMPLETELY beat it. like… no inverted castle…

echo night: i don’t remember an ending.

front mission 3: i don’t remember an ending for this either. makes me think i probably didn’t end up finishing it.



metal slug 4/5: this is one of those games where you just have to hit continue a lot. so… it’s not a really great accomplishment or anything, but i like metal slug games.

katamari damacy: natalie and i just beat this a couple weeks ago. very fun game. very addictive. also very unique. A+



Re: Matt’s Post

I haven’t beaten very many video games, but posting this here still makes me feel like a dirty nerd.

1. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: I beat this game three times in a row–once to beat it, once to do everything possible, and I’m not sure what the third time was for–during the fall of 2004. :( :( :(

2. We Heart Katamari: I love this game. I think it is the only non-handheld game I have beaten on my own.

3. Mole Mania: This game is great. It wasn’t until I had had it for approximately 15 years that I played the game all the way through.

4. Sword of Mana: I’ll admit I got the game guide for free, so I doubt this really counts.

5. Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time: I sometimes forget I played the Mario and Luigi GBA games since I borrowed both of these, but they’re tite.

6. Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga

Honorable Mentions: Link’s Awakening; Zelda: Minish Cap; Animal Crossing DS (I know there is no end, but I played this game for a damn long time.); Zelda: Four Swords; Final Fantasy VII; Final Fantasy X; Super Mario World (This is very debatable since Ryan beat 99.999% of the levels, but it is the only game I didn’t play alone.); Goldeneye: 007; Super Mario 64; Super Mario Kart (Can a person even beat this game?); Katamari Damacy

photos from burj dubai

remember when ninjagarden was talking about TALL BUILDINGS???

well… i was looking at darkroastedblend today, when i ran across some pictures that were taken from the top of the TALLEST MAN-MADE STRUCTURE ON EARTH!

that first one makes me want to roll a katamari.


Scott, You Are Still Dead To Me

Ugh, Top Ten PS2 games. This list is somewhat more informed than my PS1 list. Probably still shitty, though. This list will play to the system’s strenghts and not include games that I haven’t played for it due to the fact that they exist in slightly superior forms on GameCube or Xbox (like Prince of Persia or Resident Evil 4).


– Just like Soulcalibur 1 and 2 but new and slightly improved. NEXT!


– In truth, there’s not a great deal that’s new about this game except for 3D backgrounds. The sprites are all old and the fighting is still basically Street Fighter Alpha. I don’t care, I like it!

#8 STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT (LucasArts/Pandemic)

– I might like this game for the wrong reasons but I like it all the same. Yes, it definitely captures the overall feel of Star Wars and there’s a good chance I wouldn’t like this game as much if all the characters and settings were replaced with WWII themes, for example. The game consists of large-scale battles between Imperial and Rebel forces. You play as some dude for awhile and then when you die, you play as another dude, until one of the sides runs out of dudes. So you kill kill kill. And you can shoot Ewoks and Jawas in the head!

#7 TEKKEN 5 (Namco)

– Just like all the other Tekkens but new and improved! NEXT!


– No, I have not beaten this game but it’s on the list, anyway. Still, I’ve played through most of it and loved what I’ve seen. Basically, it’s very true to the 16-bit era Contras in that the game consists largely of set pieces – you can’t advance until you beat this mid-boss or snowboard down this hill, etc.. Everything is in 3D but it plays in 2D. It’s a very romantic game.


– A pretty fun and unique idea – make some little asshole push around a big clump to collect garbage and make the clump grow. The music is fun, the atmosphere is retarded and fun, the graphics are horrible in an acceptable way. Generally fun. Too bad all the sequels are just the same fuckin’ game.

#4 GOD HAND (Capcom/Clover)

– Opinions vary on this game but it’s sweet. It clearly uses an altered version of the Resident Evil 4 engine but it’s all about beatin’ people up. There’s actually a sense of humor here, too. A legit one! At times I laughed out loud for the right reasons. There are many ways to customize your combos and lots of women to beat up if you’re a He-Man Woman Hater like myself. The main drawback is that the gameplay is so furious that my arm actually hurt after long playing sessions.

#3 URBAN REIGN (Namco)

– Everyone hates this game but I loved it. I think the critics are turning into real pussies these days as they all cried about the steep learning curve in this game. Yeah, it’s hard, super hard at times but I found it to be extremely addictive. Sure, some of the missions took many, many attempts to beat but I don’t think I ever quit a session in frustration. This game is sort of a blend of a vs. fighting game and beat-em-up. There are 100 missions. Sometimes you fight against a single guy. Sometimes you fight against as many as 5. Sometimes you have a partner. The controls are somewhere between a fighting game and a wrestling game and there’s actually a lot you can do, most of it pretty brutal. Definitely underrated.


– A very unique and special game and, incredibly, it was developed by Sony. The entire game consists of searching an almost deserted and varied countryside searching for Colossi. When you find them you fight them. But they’re HUGE. Most of them have to be climbed or mounted in some way. So in a nut shell the game has 2 parts: wandering around and then boss fights. That’s it! But it’s great.


– Beat it and eat it. This game mixes things up a lot more than its predecessor with elements like managing camouflage and treating your dude’s wounds coming into play. The previous games had bosses with unlikely abilities but they have straight up super powers in this game. Somehow you can still just kill them with yer gunz. The story and “philosophy” in this game are so stupid you’ll fall off the couch but maybe (kinda) in a good way. The bad: the fighting moves are a bit awkward and the climax goes on for fucking ever.