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“Frantic Prayer” now streamable

The second single by Golden Veins is now streamable on their website: www.goldenveins.com. The official release date is 10/12/10.

A Kafkaesque fever dream, “Frantic Prayer” races via sinewy guitars and spacey electronics toward an inevitably tragic ending. The b-side, “Kicking The Tires,” is a rude awakening set to a pulsing beat. It’s disillusionment you can dance to.

This single also comes with two killer remixes, one by Purify, and one by Matt Bad (both of which are streaming on the website), as well as fantastic artwork by Jon Pearson.

And here’s a little something by the band about the A and B sides:

“Frantic Prayer” began life as a bare-bones demo Scott recorded ages ago. He had a cache with a fair amount of riffs and guitar lines that he presented to us, and I think this was the first of that group we worked on. I think the demo just went up to the part right before the ominous middle section, necessitating the writing of the ominous middle section. When we first played this live, we only played the rockin’ parts, so it was only about two minutes.
The melody took a while to write, as it’s a bit of a tricky song. The lyrics are about guilt.

This is an anarchistic protest song which demonizes those in power while at the same time questioning society as a whole. It’s about dishonesty and control – the struggle to see through the former and regain the latter.
This song was first conceived about 6 years ago when I was living in Davis, California. The original demo was just a guitar and vocal, inspired by the large quantities of Billy Bragg that I had been consuming. That mess of an ending was actually rather simple and pretty at one point.


For Greg

Greg, you care about Kafka? I think I’ve heard/seen evidence of this.

Hidden Kafka papers set to emerge

By Paul Wood
BBC News, Jerusalem

St Vitus Cathedral in Prague castle

German-speaking Kafka lived in Prague

Experts are to examine previously unseen documents belonging to the writer Franz Kafka, which were locked away in a Tel Aviv flat for 40 years.

The papers have been gathering dust in the home of the former secretary of Kafka’s literary executor, Max Brod.

Since his death in 1968, they’ve been kept by Esther Hoffe, who right up until her recent death at the age of 101 doggedly refused to release them.

But it is unclear if the fragile papers remain legible after so many years.

Before he died from tuberculosis aged 41, Franz Kafka decreed that all his manuscripts should be burned.

His friend and literary executor, Max Brod, ignored that instruction.

The result was such brooding novels of alienation, persecution and hopelessness as The Trial, Metamorphosis and The Castle.

The published works owes much to Max Brod’s editing since Kafka rarely finished any of his works – The Castle actually stopped mid-sentence.

That is why the unseen notes and documents might be so valuable.

They were originally packed into two suitcases and smuggled out of Prague in 1939 just ahead of the German advance on the city.

They’ve been kept in Tel Aviv these past 40 years by Brod’s secretary, Esther Hoffe, who refused all requests to examine them.

The authorities here have warned that the damp in her flat and the hoards of dogs and cats she kept may have damaged or even destroyed the papers.

The world of Kafka scholarship is in a state of anxious suspense – not unlike one of Kafka’s characters.