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Exciting timez

1) The war in Afghanistan continues.

2) The war in Iraq continues.

3) The USA/Mexico border drug war heats up.  Will we have to officially intervene?

4) The Navy supposedly intends to wipe out the Somali pirates.

5) The war in Afghanistan has spilled over into Pakistan and the Pakistani government is making all kinds of concessions to the extremists – some “experts” think the whole government might be on the brink.

6) Endless riots in Thailand.  A revolution?

7) BEST OF ALL.  Israel is again threatening to attack Iran.  DO IT.  FUCKING DO IT.  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

HELLO! Ann Coulter!

here are some videos that will give you a good feeling:

(taken from |LACONIC||ORATION|)


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Lieberman really sucks (but not for party-hopping)

If you don’t know the situation, Sen. Joe Lieberman, former Democrat and current independent*, spoke on behalf of McCain at the Errrrrpublican Convention last night.  His remarks centered almost completely on the war.  That should be no surprise because that’s really Liberman’s only topic – not the war specifically but rather THE MIDDLE EAST.

Lieberman is Jewish and most of the time this wouldn’t matter in the least but this inclination informs 100% of Lieberman’s decisions.  I’m not talking about moral decisions but rather foreign policy and Israel which is super dangerous since he’s head of the Foreign Relations committee.  Having Lieberman in congress is like having a senator representing Israel.  He’s so biased it’s ridiculous and his love for Israelis and hatred of Arabs, Persians and Afghanis has given him all the motivation he needs to be among the most hawkish politicians in Washington.

He may have been a big, juicy liberal at one point but now all of his politics boil down to matters of Israel.  Since that’s the only issue that matters to him he might as well just join the Republicans since the one issue he cares about lines up with their policies on the matter.

*Lieberman is technically an independent but he “caucuses” with the Democrats, meaning he counts toward their majority in the senate.


World War III


If you don’t want to read the whole article, it’s conservative wacko predicting that Israel will attack Iran between our autumn elections and the inauguration. This is all based on recent developments that indeed do seem to suggest something might go down soon (Israeli long-range test runs and recent comments by leaders). I have to admit, there is a strange part of me that is separated from it all that finds the whole thing exciting. A real, goshdarned war between 2 modern militaries! This sort of thing is very rare post-World War II. Most wars of the last 50 years have been waged by a modern military on one side and a very clever, determined but but less powerful (on paper) enemy on the other side. Examples are the current Iraq war, Vietnam War, Soviet/Afghani war.

Anyway, back when the 9/11 attacks occurred I wrote in a journal or something about how it could turn into World War III. Not that it will but just how it could happen. Well, I think it could possibly happen if Israel attacks Iran. It could EASILY happen if Iran were to attack Israel. Anyway, here’s a potential scenario.

Israel attacks Iran in a preemptively defensive act of aggression. Iran would definitely not stand for it and a war would commence. We would certainly enter to defend Israel and Britain would likely do so as well. It could stop there (and perhaps probably would). Contrary to public opinion, Iran is NOT an Arab nation (it’s Persian). It has a majority Shiite population and it’s decisions are unpopular. As a result, the Arab nations wouldn’t go nuts to help out but Syria probably would. So it’s Israel, US, UK vs Iran, Syria. If Iran could somehow turn the whole thing into a Muslim rallying point all hell could break loose. Even if the other Muslim nations don’t join in, rioting and civil strife could easily be instigated in most of these countries.

Basically, all that’s required is for Pakistan to get involved. If they could somehow be persuaded to act or join Iran, in spite of the fact that Pakistan is now our “friend”, a real can of worms is opened. Pakistan’s mortal enemy, India, would likely join on our side. Now neighboring Muslim countries like Bangladesh and Indonesia could answer the cry. Is Australia, part-time enemies of Indonesia, then induced to join our side?

China has been a long-time enemy of India’s engaging them in several border battles. Naturally, the Chinese also hate us. Do they sieze the opportunity to take the land that they believe is theirs? Are we then compelled to aid India? And does China take advantage of the chaos to invade Taiwan? Or finally pay back Japan for WWII?

And what does Russia do?! They act like they’re pals with China now but they’re traditionally enemies (even in the communist days). But they hate us much more.

Probably won’t happen.


Things That Are Completely Irrelevant #48X: The Incredible Hypocrisy That Is Israel

The last post, along with all the silly Israel stuff this week, has forced my hand. It’s time to talk about Israel. And it’s time to be honest about Israel.

I’m not a fan of the culture of the Middle East. I don’t wish ill will toward anyone but I’m not terribly sympathetic to a region of the world where the most common solution to a rape is for the victim’s brother to kill her in order to restore the family’s honor. I laugh at a region where playing a sport resembling polo but using a headless goat corpse as the ‘ball’ is commonplace. I do not respect a regional culture that allows people to be killed because of their religion.

In the middle of all that, or tucked on the left side, anyway, is little ol’ Israel, full of people from outside of the Middle East. These fellas don’t have many of the faults I just pointed out about their neighbors but they do have one pretty big fault: the only problem is they just moved there 60 years ago, took their land by force (with help from UK and USA), and have held onto that land – by force. Worse yet, they have rounded up the people that were already living there at the time and told them they can live in these two small areas on the outskirts of the country where poverty, unemployment and crime persist. This group of people have to pass through heavily armed checkpoints if they want to travel into the mainstream sections of Israel. If they work in the “mainland” they have to be back in their shithole by a certain time.

We call this apartheid.

And occupation.

And we are huge hypocrites.
(Insert pompous statement here)

The whole world bent over backwards to condemn South Africa for their apartheid. Everyone loves to bash China for their occupation of Tibet. So why the fuck is what’s happening in Israel okay? And why are Republicans so dead set on supporting Israel no matter what? It’s because the whole fucking thing is our fault. Sure, WWII was Germany’s fault. Everyone felt bad for the Jews, QUITE REASONABLY. But no one, NO ONE, would actually set aside any of their land for this downtrodden group of people. And after we crushed Germany following WWI we were so afraid of crushing them into bitter people all over again that we really coddled those fucks after WWII. What horseshit. A chunk, a LARGE chunk, of Germany and Italy should have been taken and handed over to the Jews. With a big buffer zone around it, to be eventually lifted at the discretion of the Jews.

Instead we swept everything under the rug when Britain, exerting their colonial muscle over much of the Middle East at the time, “gave” Palestine to the Jews. Unfortunately, the Jews bit hard on the whole process. The pain and torture that the Germans gave to the Jews has been passed on to the Palestinians for sixty years now. And we’re surprised that Arabs, Persians, Pakistanis and Afghanis hate Israel?! And hate us for supporting them? Jesus Herbert Walker Christ! I saw we just end the whole thing now. We have a whole shitload of unoccupied land. Let’s start New Israel. We’ll fly the whole country over and they can have a big chunk of Montana bordering Canada. They wouldn’t have a seaport but we would lift any and all tariffs and import taxes to negate that burden.

The End


chris matthews vs. kevin james

well, after that horrifyingly long slew of in-depth video game reviews, i hope this will be a relief.

i forgot how much i love chris matthews until i watched this video. it focuses on bush’s remarks to the israeli legislature on may 15. bush referred to former idaho senator william borah, and borah’s statement in 1939 in which he said, ‘lord, if only I could have talked with hitler, all of this might have been avoided,’ essentially meaning that leaders do not negotiate with enemies. obviously, borah believed that they should.

bush also said, ‘some seem to believe that we should negotiate with the terrorists and radicals, as if some ingenious argument will persuade them they have been wrong all along.’ many have interpreted that this statement refers to barack obama, although bush’s reps have said he was referring to jimmy carter.


in this video, then, chris matthews interviews conservative radio host kevin james, and mark green, president of air america. james boldly begins by saying that bush should have been talking about obama even if he wasn’t talking about obama. then he says something about what barack obama should have done, what he didn’t do this, and states that barack obama is endorsed by hamas. the best part of the video, though, is when matthews asks james what exactly chamberlain’s mistake was (which borah referred to in 1939).
and kevin james has no idea.

this video is so worth a watch, it is absolutely hilarious.