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Exciting timez

1) The war in Afghanistan continues.

2) The war in Iraq continues.

3) The USA/Mexico border drug war heats up.  Will we have to officially intervene?

4) The Navy supposedly intends to wipe out the Somali pirates.

5) The war in Afghanistan has spilled over into Pakistan and the Pakistani government is making all kinds of concessions to the extremists – some “experts” think the whole government might be on the brink.

6) Endless riots in Thailand.  A revolution?

7) BEST OF ALL.  Israel is again threatening to attack Iran.  DO IT.  FUCKING DO IT.  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

HELLO! Ann Coulter!

here are some videos that will give you a good feeling:

(taken from |LACONIC||ORATION|)


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propaganda: subliminal messages and bad photoshopping

there are a lot of people who still refuse to believe that the media is to blame for how society acts. i’m not saying that people aren’t responsible for their own actions or anything, and i’m not saying that it’s entirely the media who shape the comfortable majority of the world. however… you can’t dismiss the media as a harmless entity, and you can never take it at face value. there is a core audience and propaganda directed towards that audience in everything you can see or hear. and there is always a motive.

i ran across two great examples today that i thought i’d share:



It now appears that mere exposure to an object is especially likely to increase liking for that object when people are unaware of this exposure (Bornstein 1989; Bornstein and D’Agostino 1992).

(intelstrike has a good excerpt about subliminal messages from a social cognition book.)


i guess it’s undetermined whether this photo was actually tampered with by iran or if another country did it, but regardless of the source, it’s hillarious.

a ny times blog has more info on this.



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World War III


If you don’t want to read the whole article, it’s conservative wacko predicting that Israel will attack Iran between our autumn elections and the inauguration. This is all based on recent developments that indeed do seem to suggest something might go down soon (Israeli long-range test runs and recent comments by leaders). I have to admit, there is a strange part of me that is separated from it all that finds the whole thing exciting. A real, goshdarned war between 2 modern militaries! This sort of thing is very rare post-World War II. Most wars of the last 50 years have been waged by a modern military on one side and a very clever, determined but but less powerful (on paper) enemy on the other side. Examples are the current Iraq war, Vietnam War, Soviet/Afghani war.

Anyway, back when the 9/11 attacks occurred I wrote in a journal or something about how it could turn into World War III. Not that it will but just how it could happen. Well, I think it could possibly happen if Israel attacks Iran. It could EASILY happen if Iran were to attack Israel. Anyway, here’s a potential scenario.

Israel attacks Iran in a preemptively defensive act of aggression. Iran would definitely not stand for it and a war would commence. We would certainly enter to defend Israel and Britain would likely do so as well. It could stop there (and perhaps probably would). Contrary to public opinion, Iran is NOT an Arab nation (it’s Persian). It has a majority Shiite population and it’s decisions are unpopular. As a result, the Arab nations wouldn’t go nuts to help out but Syria probably would. So it’s Israel, US, UK vs Iran, Syria. If Iran could somehow turn the whole thing into a Muslim rallying point all hell could break loose. Even if the other Muslim nations don’t join in, rioting and civil strife could easily be instigated in most of these countries.

Basically, all that’s required is for Pakistan to get involved. If they could somehow be persuaded to act or join Iran, in spite of the fact that Pakistan is now our “friend”, a real can of worms is opened. Pakistan’s mortal enemy, India, would likely join on our side. Now neighboring Muslim countries like Bangladesh and Indonesia could answer the cry. Is Australia, part-time enemies of Indonesia, then induced to join our side?

China has been a long-time enemy of India’s engaging them in several border battles. Naturally, the Chinese also hate us. Do they sieze the opportunity to take the land that they believe is theirs? Are we then compelled to aid India? And does China take advantage of the chaos to invade Taiwan? Or finally pay back Japan for WWII?

And what does Russia do?! They act like they’re pals with China now but they’re traditionally enemies (even in the communist days). But they hate us much more.

Probably won’t happen.