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how awesome is this guy?


Apparently Andy Murray is a homosexual…and likes tennis.

Taken from tennis player Andy Murray‘s wikipedia entry about five minutes ago:

At a young age he was pinned down by a group of homesexuals and brutally raped, one of the men attempted to insert a tennis racket in his anus. So suggest this his were he found his love for tennis and his homesexual tendensies.

After reading through those lines twice and copying what I  pasted above, I reloaded the webpage.  Magically, they disappeared.
This of course lead me to read up on vandalism on Wikipedia and I found another amusing bit, as reported by columnist Sujay Kumar :

While Wikipedia says that most vandal edits are removed within five minutes, some falsities have managed to go unnoticed. An outlandishly fake entry about Larry King‘s uncontrollable flatulence was posted for a month.

Oh the joys of Wikipedia…