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Stuck on Repeat: Track 3/4 – “Big Boring Wedding” & “Sheet Kickers” By Guided By Voices

"Under the Bushes Under the Stars" by Guided By Voices

Under the Bushes Under the Stars (Matador – 1996)

Big Boring Wedding

Sheet Kickers

Guided By Voices is a band I should have spent my entire high school career listening to. However,  as usual, it wasn’t until my mid-twenties when I finally got into them.

Oh well.

The two tracks that I have been listening to repeatedly are one of the last six tracks on the album. I mention this because those six tracks nearly didn’t make the cut. The big wigs at Matador didn’t care for them, so gave them the ax. Then, they supposedly saw the error of their ways and asked for them to be put back on.  So they aren’t listed on the back of the cds.  Or so the story goes.  Yet, I think most of those six songs are some of the best on Under the Bushes Under the Stars.

Big Boring Wedding is not your typical GBV song. At 3:43,  it  slowly unfolds (especially when you consider that prior to this album, many GBV songs clocked in under two minutes, and sometimes under one minute).  And, as opposed to Pollard’s usual abstract ramblings, he seems to be a little more straight ahead. However, still an ill song.

Sheet Kickers is a little more obvious. Engineered/produced by Steve Albini.  So it’s got that Albini drum sound that I love. And the song itself sort of reminds me of early Frank Black.  So, in short, you have Sufer Rosa production with Teenager of the Year songwriting. Hooray!

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