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how awesome is this guy?


Who Cares?

1. Don’t Care: Carrie Prejean

To begin with, cool name! But more importantly– who cares about this vapid woman? So she voiced her opinion about gay marriage. Many people think marriage is between a woman and a man. Many more important fucking people think so. She’s Miss California. That’s a made-up title that has no responsibility tied to it. So why do we care about this? It’s unclear. It is really great that she has received an undue amount of celebrity appeal for making a common ignorant statement, but I guess that’s how Ann Coulter got famous too. What I’m trying to say is this: she may be wrong, but let’s stop talking about it.

2. Care: Leon the Professional

Last night, I watched Leon the Professional, a Luc Besson film (of Fifth Element and La Femme Nikita fame). This is the story of a young girl (Natalie Portman) whose family is murdered. She is taken in by a hitman (Jean Reno), who, encouraged by her fervor for revenge, teaches her his trade. I really enjoyed the movie, which reminded me in some ways of The Fifth Element (Natalie Portman’s haircut, the wide angled shots at the beginning, the slow zooms, Gary Oldman), but at the end, the coherence began to taper. It was as if they were trying to tie the story up quickly and neatly at the very end–which didn’t make sense, since I thought the movie was over forty minutes early!

3. Care: PUPS


how to turn your kid gay…

i saw this on sociological images and hated it. so obviously i’m going to share it with EVERYONE!

normally i wouldn’t just quote another blog, but whoever posted this did a good job. so…

“Watch how this 60 Minutes clip from August 2006 manages to completely confuse three very different things: sex identity (believing you are biologically female or male), gendered behavior (conforming to cultural rules about girls/women and boys/men are supposed to do and like), and sexual orientation (which sex you are attracted to sexually).”


and i really really hate the dumb lady. ugh.