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CANON SONIQUE: a mixtape (6)

continuing the online mixtape.

song (6):

Yellow Magic Orchestra“Solid State Survivor”

off the album of the same name.
yellow magic orchestra solid state survivor

Yellow Magic Orchestra was formed in 1978 in japan. They’ve been cited by many people as the pioneers of electropop, and were supposedly so popular in their home country, that business men today still wear the YMO “techno cut” hairstyle. Everyone from Eric Clapton to J.Lo to Hitoshi Sakimoto (composer of the final fantasy tactics soundtrack, as well as numerous other video game scores) have been influenced and inspired by these crazy men. they “spread out” as a band (aka: broke up) in 1984.

“Solid State Survivor” was not released in the USA, but it looks like you can get it on amazon for about 20 bucks.

some videos:

yellow magic orchestra on soul train!

ymo covering “day tripper”


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For Allison – Good DS games

Here is a list of good DS games that I can PERSONALLY VOUCH FOR.


 – Oh, yeah, Allison, you already had this one and sold it. It’s basically the same as the GameCube game but it’s portable, which makes a lot more sense for this kind of game. I have a feeling that you didn’t actually get any jobs or find any treasures before you sold it.


– A couple of awesome side-scrolling action games with big doses of RPG elements (item management, magic, leveling up, etc). You probably shouldn’t play them because you think Super Mario Bros. 3 is a really hard game.


– A lot of fun but too slavish in its attempt to recreate the SNES Contra feel. Quite hard.


– Square never released this game in the USA until this DS release, which is actually a remake from the ground up with cute 3D graphics and some new mechanics. I enjoyed this one a lot and I think you might, too, until the last dungeon, which was a huge pain in the ass for me.


– A pretty good game but quite straightforward/easy for a Zelda game. And you already have it.


– This was not a critically beloved game but I liked it nonetheless. I think it captures a real Mario feel much much more accurately than the boring Mario Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Soccer, etc. etc.


– Maybe the best game on the DS. 16 new tracks, 16 tracks from the older games. Spot-on, perfect controls, unlike some other games in the series. Additionally, there’s a missions mode that even has boss fights.


– The level designs are very strong and everything looks great but it’s just too damn easy. It took me maybe about 4 hours to beat and maybe another 4 to go back and find all the 3 big coins hidden in each level. Still, I like it a lot.


– A port of the original and awesome PS1 game. 2 modes – 1 that’s just like the original, another that has new surprises and touch screen bullshit.


– These games look great and have awesome boss battles. They’re much more friendly to Mario fans than the old Genesis games. You’d probably say they’re too hard, though.


– Critical reactions to this game were mixed, mainly becuase the critics hate change. Unlike the old StarFox games, this one doesn’t have on-rails levels. Instead, it has short freerange missions and a strategy element where you direct your various ships.


– Some people had issues with the controls in this game but that’s because they were too stupid to use the thumb strap. Do you still have the strap that came with your DS? If you do, take a look and notice the plastic nob at the end. You slip your thumb through the strap and tighten it so the plastic is against your thumb and then it becomes the controller you use against the bottom screen. You cried to me that you want to play the newer Mario games, well, here you go – the best Mario game available on your DS. They didn’t just make a straight port, either. They added Luigi, Yoshi and Wario to the game plus several new levels.


A direct sequel to the original Yoshi’s Island.  It plays very similarly but with a few differences.  Baby Mario is no longer the only baby to ride around on Yoshi – now asshole baby versions of Wario, Peach, Donkey Kong and Bowser get in on the act.  It’s a good game and surprisingly challenging – which might be a turnoff to you since you only like easy games.

Square Enix is going nuts on DS.  Final Fantasy Tactics is coming very soon, plus a 3D remake of Final Fantasy IV in the vein of the FFIII remake.  On the same note, new, 3D remakes of Dragon Quest IV, V, and VI are coming out this year AND Dragon Quest IX is debuting on DS sometime this year (or maybe next). 

There are 2 Advance Wars games for DS that were critically acclaimed.  Square Enix recently released a new RPG that seems interesting, The World Ends With You.  It takes place in Tokyo in modern times.  Metroid Prime Hunters is supposed to be pretty good but probably not your style.

I can kind of see why one would prefer GBA and even GB to DS but I don’t see why YOU do since you never actually play any of them.  I would pick GBA out of the group because of the huge library which includes many SNES and Genesis classics and of course you can play old GB games on it, which completely cancels a GB unit out of the equation.


For Allison – Final Fantasy Tactics releases

Because Final Fantasy Tactics is basically a rebranding of the Battle Ogre series, they must be listed together.

1993 Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen
by Quest
Super NES, PlayStation
This is the game that started the whole silly series, developed by independent company Quest!

1995 Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together
by Quest
Super NES, PlayStation
After this release, several members of the Quest development team jumped ship for Squaresoft, where they worked on . . .

1997 Final Fantasy Tactics
by Square
Basically a Tactics Ogre game but with characters, settings, trappings, etc. from Final Fantasy.

1999 Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber
by Quest
Nintendo 64

2000 Ogre Battle: Legend of the Zenobia Prince
by Quest
NeoGeo Pocket Color
This one never dun come out outside of Japan so don’t try to git it.

2001 Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis
by Quest
Game Boy Advance
After this game was relased, Quest was absorbed by Square. Many of the former Quest developers now work on the FF Tactics series.

2003 Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
by Squaresoft
Game Boy Advance
The game Allison loves.

2007 Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
by Square Enix
An update of the original PS1 game.

2007 Final Fantasy Tactics A2
by Square Enix
Nintendo DS
The new game releasing stateside this month.