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Top 5 BBC News Articles 7/8/08

1.  Britain and Russia: All is still not well:  In 2006, Russian Alexander Litvinenko, a “fierce critic of former Russian President Vladimir Putin,” was poisoned by an assumed state-sanctioned hitman while living in a self-imposed exile in the UK.  This article mostly deals with whether the UK will formally accuse Russia of this and similar actions.  I understand these are very strong accusations for a country to make, but it appears many prominent British figures believe it to be the truth, so I think that waiting on the accusation only slows progression and gives the impression that this is okay or, at least, that people can get away with such actions. Further reading: Obituary: Alexander Litvinenko.

2.  Male Biological Clock Ticks Too:  The BBC is obsessed with reporting on fertility lately.  I don’t have a particular interest in it, but maybe there’s a reason why fertility is so popular.  Further reading: Accupuncture ‘no help for IVF,’  Coffee ‘worsens poor fertility’, Cancer patients’ fertility hope

3. Six Burned Bodies in Mexico:  Three Mexican drug lords are fighting for prime smuggling routes to the US.  This leads to increased fighting and is an example as to why I think marijuana should be legalized.

4.  G8 to move against Mugabe allies:  I didn’t know the G8 (+5) existed until I started reading the news regularly this year.  The idea of 8 powerful nations forming a club that takes turn hosting/setting the agenda is pretty interesting.  This articles talks about how they are planning to aide Zimbabwe.  Further reading: G8 urged to do more for climate, G8 urged to act over oil prices

5.  More time to quiz murder suspect:  It’s always interesting to see what murder cases become mainstream media, though, I’m not sure if papers outside of the UK and France are reporting on this case regularly.  The case:  two students were stabbed a total of 240 times and then set on fire in one of the students’ apartment.  There have been no arrests, but this article states a burn victim that was recently treated is a suspect.  Police have also not realeased why these two were targeted for such brutalities.  I suspect a hate crime combined with insanity, clinically or drug-induced, or just insanity.