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FILMS 08162010

here are some films that i’m currently interested in seeing.

this one is called MONSTERS which for me conjures not only MONSTERS (like in cloverfield, godzilla, and monsters inc, naturally, HA) but also MONSTER (as in CHARLIZE THERON, but not like this, more like this). cool!

the story follows a journalist who is sent to retrieve his boss’s daughter (BUMMER) after a NASA PROBE crashes in mexico with some sort of foreign life attached to it.  i’ve posted the trailer below.

wait, a NASA PROBE????????? cool! i don’t think the trailer looks that good, but the following clip, as well as the knowledge that it was filmed with only 5 crew members on a very small budget makes me very interested in seeing the film.

the second film i’m reasonably interested in seeing is called CATFISH, and it sounds absolutely banal, except it was a darling at sundance (you can read this rave review). i mean, how many movies get a grade of A+?? only babe, pig in the city, according to roger ebert (review here). anyway, catfish is about FACEBOOK but it’s not the facebook movie (sigh), wait HA. guys who am i kidding, what’s the deal with this facebook movie anyway? what a gem of an idea!

here’s the CATFISH trailer.

i have to say, i am definitely INTRIGUED.


I’m The Des Moines Graphic Novel Examiner

Hey dudes. I’ve started a new writing venture at a website some of you may or may not have heard of called examiner.com. I have been selected as Des Moines’ “Graphic Novel” Examiner, which means I’m supposed to write about the comic books. I posted my first entry tonight,  a modest look at some of this week’s comic releases, but more articles will come, so please bookmark my page over there and check back regularly! Here’s my first post:


Sorry the formatting’s a bit rough, still getting used to it. And yes, that picture is my Myspace/Facebook picture that is years old, because I was too lazy to make a new one. Maybe someday! Thanks for the support!


The Shameless Facebook Plug

we have links for them other places as well, but since i just spent a couple hours updating both the noising machine AND beati paoli facebooks, i feel like i should tell everyone to go check ’em out, and if you are a facebook member, PLEASE add us.

the noising machine facebook

the beati paoli facebook

you can find new songs by Wet Chemistry and MOCKINGBIRD, who, if you didn’t know, are the two latest additions to our noising machine family. go listen to them and tell us what you think!

and just so this post isn’t SUPER BORING, here’s a video featuring some psychedelic starlings:



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New Beati Paoli Songs: rabble rouse AND vulgarity drifting diary


i just uploaded two more songs from the upcoming BEATI PAOLI album, “A SENSE OF URGENCY”.

(cd release show is september 5th!).

“RABBLE ROUSE” – first track off the album. joe’s favorite. dance to it.

“VULGARITY DRIFTING DIARY” – track 5. probably the best song to trip balls to.

you can also buy these songs from the beati paoli myspace or the noising machine myspace or the “catalog” section of the noising machine website.


in other news….

both The Noising Machine AND Beati Paoli now have FACEBOOK PAGES.
the noising machine: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Noising-Machine/29631587106

beati paoli: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Beati-Paoli/19144673327

so if you do this facebook nonsense, you should probably add both pages.


and speaking of facebook… Beati Paoli also has a profile on ilike.com for those of you who use that application.

iLike Beati Paoli


so dedicate some songs to your lovers.


……..AND LASTLY……..

you can now purchase Beati Paoli albums and other merchandise online. just look for the “buy now” links on the noising machine myspace, the beati paoli myspace, and the noising machine website