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beati paoli show tonight!!

beati paoli tonight at

the vaudeville mews in Des Moines, IA.



there are two touring bands on this show now, so come support ’em.

Everthus the Deadbeats: way cool people from indianapolis. rockin’ far-out pop music.

Les Deux Magots: dragon babies and blind pigs from st. paul that like to get down.

see ya there!


Beati Paoli w/ Everthus The Deadbeats: June 25th

(flier created by allison)

please check out the “experimental-glam-pop” of Everthus The Deadbeats, and come out to the show!

i’m assuming there will be another band thrown on this bill, but as of now, i don’t know who it is. regardless… this show should be a good time!

also… the vaudeville mews has a lot of other good shows coming up, so if you’re in or near des moines, give the site a little BROWSE.

and HERE is a music video for “organics mechanics”, by everthus the deadbeats: