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Laconic Oration – October

September’s edition was such a success, I guess I’ll continue the monthly image post!!

Here are 15 images from Laconic Oration, during the month of October:

via Laconic Oration



I’m no designer, but this Norwegian-British design firm’s work is inspiring:





fader-02More on non-format’s website.


some neat stuff to look at…

so… we’ve all been on tour for a while.

and that’s my only excuse for the dwindling posts. matt’s been doing a good job of keeping the flame burning, and i’m hoping to jump in and help him carry this burden.

this post is just a quicky. some art/design stuff i had in my favorites…


“30 of the most creative bookshelf designs”

what i like best about looking at these is that it makes me want to start building my own furniture.

here are some favorites:

and while we’re on the topic of interior design…

hotel rooms:

these are all painted by san francisco locals at the hotel des arts.

next are some rooms at propeller island city lodge in berlin:

flying bed

4 beams

mirror room

upside down


padded cell


two lions

here are some other similar hotels:

Arte Luise Kunsthotel

Gladstone Hotel

Hotel De Filosoof

Hotel Fox

Hotel Max

browse those for a while.