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Jeff Goldblum Was Dead

Here’s a very funny clip from the Colbert Report where Jeff Goldblum is reportedly dead based on Twitter posts.  The funniest thing about this is that it really happened (the twitter posts) and  reported as fact on the Australian Today Show.  His death  is to have happened on the same day as Michael Jackson’s death and this clip includes the Australian Today  Show segment.






Russia Invades Georgia and Ripsoff “Saturday Night Live”!

The “Ruskies” entered Georgia and now they’re ripping off SNL. A new Cold War begins! All kidding aside, I thought this was pretty interesting. This is a plagiarization of the SNL skit “Japanese Game Show” which starred Mike Myers, Chris Farley, Janeane Garafalo, and Alec Baldwin from December 1994. I always liked it a lot and thought it was pretty unusual for SNL to have a clip in a mostly foreign language. The Russian skit is less energetic and the guy playing the far left contestant annoys me. They’re subtle differences though, like at the end, instead of attaching the cables to the Tourist’s testicles, they attach it to his nipples. Something the same, was the sound effect used to end the last round of play. It sounds like they could of ripped the sound directly from the SNL clip itself, because it doesn’t quite fit in with the scene. Anyway, I linked to the SNL clip first so you can compare the skits yourself.

The Saturday Night Live Link

The Russian version




movie party #5

#4 still doesn’t count, MATT, but two #4 posts would get CONFUSING, so…

movie party #5. it’s a bit RACIER than the last few…

The Girl On a Motorcylcle

Dracula Has Risen From The Grave


A Bigger Splash

this last one is actually a documentary about David Hockney.

he did these paintings:

movie posters found on filmartgallery.com