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FILMS 11142010

got some great looking flicks coming up.


when did jane eyre become a horror movie? i’m not sure, but this ‘gothic thriller’ looks amazing. directed by cary fukunaga (sin nombre), and shot by adriano goldman (sin nombre and city of men). opens march 11, 2011.


no, it’s not that movie with edward norton and jessica biel. it’s this movie, directed by sylvain chomet (triplets of belleville). it follows a performer who is having to compete with the up and coming rockstars of the new generation. it looks magical. drops dec 25, 2010.


a documentary that follows the story of the linotype and its operators, as well as its ephemeral existence. directed by douglas wilson.

loving you.



I just watched the first half hour of CATWOMAN on YouTube. LOLOLOLOL Wow, it really lives up to the hype. It’s fucking awful. The script is awful, the acting is awful, the direction is just so self-satisfied. But it really doesn’t stop there, as there are inconsistencies in the audio mix, bad (but expensive) special effects, and silly computerized cinematography. Just stunning. I honestly believe that Batman and Robin and Superman IV: The Quest For Peace are much, much better films than this, and THAT’S SAYING SOMETHING.