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Okay, not womanizer. BUT look at these facts:

1. McCain was born in 1936, so he is 71.

2. His first wife, Carol, who is a former model, was born in 1936.

3. McCain and Carol were married in 1965; both were 29.

4. McCain and Carol were divorced in 1980; both were 44.

5. At age 44, you no longer look young–model or not.

6. McCain marries Cindy McCain in the same year he divorces Carol.

7. Cindy is 26 when she marries McCain; McCain is 44.

8. Cindy is 18 years younger than McCain.

It really surprises me that someone that has been divorced and remarried is going to be a presidential nominee. There is nothing wrong with this, but is this a first? It also seems apparent that McCain enjoys young, pretty women. I know I can’t say divorcing your aging wife and marrying a hot, blonde twenty-something in the same year is wrong, but hmm.