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Christmas Carolz IV

Well, it’s Christmastime again, and with Christmas comes my annual playlist of X-Mas choons. 4 years in a row! Check out the previous three:




Hopefully this list will remind you of some old favorites, introduce you to some new ones and provide some mirth and cheer this holiday season. Thank you, and enjoy.

Matte Badde – “Black Friday Medley: The Christmas Song/White Christmas”

Cocteau Twins – “Frosty The Snowman”

Weezer – “Christmas Celebration”

The Killers – “Joseph, Better You Than Me”

The Pogues & Kirsty McColl – “Fairytale Of New York”

Belle & Sebastian – “Are You Coming Over For Christmas?”

Kate Bush – “December Will Be Magic Again”

Ramones – “Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight)”

Gruff Rhys – “Post Apocalypse Christmas”

Erasure – “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”

Flaming Lips & The Plastic Ono Band – “Atlas Eets Christmas”

Morning Musume, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy & Pluto – “Morning Musume Christmas Medley 2000”

See you back here this time next year for Christmas Carolz V!


Noising Machine Christmas Compendium

As a public service this holiday season, I’ve dug through the archives of Sound of the Noising Machine to bring you some Christmas-centric highlights from the last several years. Use this as a one-stop shop for all your Yuletide needs and whatnot. The list:

Golden Veins Christmas Single – FREE DOWNLOAD!!!

Seasons Greetings!

A Very California Raisins Christmas

Folgers Christmas 2009

Stocking Stuffers! #1

Stocking Stuffers! #2

Des Moines Register’s X-Mas Feature

Christmas Commercials

Christmas Carolz

Christmas Carolz II

Christmas Carolz III

Thank you. Take care of yourselves…and each other.

– Greg

Christmas Carolz III

Alright Sound of the Noising Machine readers, it’s that time of year again. Christmas Carolz time!!! Here’s my third installment of some holiday songs I like, some new, some old, some covers, some originals. And “Merry Christmas (Don’t Forget To Write)” by my band, Golden Veins! Here are the previous entries:

Christmas Carolz I

Christmas Carolz II

On with the show…

Golden Veins – “Merry Christmas (Don’t Forget To Write)”

Matt Goode – “Last Christmas”

T. Rex – “Christmas Bop”

Ride – “Like A Snowflake”

Weezer – “The Christmas Song”

Ryan Adams – “Hey Parker, It’s Christmas”

Cocteau Twins – “Winter Wonderland”

David Bowie & Bing Crosby – “Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth”

The Killers – “Don’t Shoot Me Santa”

Coldplay – “Christmas Lights”

The Walkmen – “Christmas Party”

Morning Musume – “Silent Night”

Please enjoy those, and enjoy these 12 Yuletide jointz below, one for each day of X-Mas. Merry Christmas, and I’ll see you back here this time next year for Christmas Carolz IV!!!

– Greg

Golden Veins Christmas Single – FREE DOWNLOAD!!!

In the giving spirit of the holiday season, Golden Veins presents “Merry Christmas (Don’t Forget To Write)”; a comic/melancholic ode to Christmas alone and on the cheap, complete with synths and fa la las. A free song for all, regardless if you’ve been bad or good.

Here’s Ryan C. Meier from Golden Veins with some insight into the song’s creation:

Back in the winter of ’04, I was teaching English in Japan. It was at that time I realized just how ingrained Christmas is in US society and all the little details that make Christmas time feel like Christmas time. There was no four-day weekend at the end of November, no hustle and bustle in department stores, and no constant barrage of holiday songs playing over the loudspeakers in grocery stores. And frankly, the decorations that were up in public seemed kind of awkward and empty. I even had to work until 10 pm on Christmas Eve!

So for that month of December, I found myself feeling quite strange, as I knew Christmas was approaching, yet feeling no different from, say, the month of March. This song was the result of that month and I actually wrote and recorded it on my handy 8-track with the intent of sending it to my friends and family back home, but for whatever reason, never quite completed it.

Please enjoy this free download gift from us to you, and keep checking in for more Singles Club info!
– Greg

Folgers Christmas 2009

If you’ll recall from last year, I wrote a post about my favorite Christmas Commericals. One of my choices was everyone’s favorite, “Peter comes home” Folgers commercial. Well, while home over Thanksgiving this year, I happened to see an updated version of that commercial.

Now, it’s kind of a strange update because, instead of Peter presumably hitchhiking home from college, the new not-Peter (I’ll call him this because at no point does his sister shout out “PETER!”)  has returned home from West Africa. From some sort of “volunteer” program that has a symbol vaguely similar to UNICEF.  Check moment 0:07,  as it’s on his backpack. Anyway, it proceeds like the old Folger’s commercial, even with the sister doting on not-Peter (“I waited up all night for you,ya’ know”), despite the fact that she’s probably 10 years older than the original sister.  Coffee is smelled, poured, parents awake. Then it gets a little weird. Not-Peter says he’s gotten a gift for little-big sister. It’s exchanged. But then they both kind of get bedroom eyes for a few seconds. Until mom and dad thankfully break up the awkward scene.  And then we’re played out by everyone’s favorite King-of-Queen’s-theme-song-singing Billy Vera.

A future classic? Possibly. But it’s still no Taco John’s Faliz Navidad commercial. Which I tried searching for AGAIN this year,but no dice.


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Stocking Stuffers #2

Yowza! would I like to get one of these bad boys! I’m definitely one for cuddlin’ and when I can’t get the real deal this is a fine substitute. At least it won’t push away, or adjust because they’re “uncomfortable” or pass gas in the middle of “the mood”. This is a bit big for stocking stuffer, but doesn’t mean you can’t make a giant stocking!!!!


Freaky Pinkie Toe

For the better part of ’08, I had been suffering from a dull, yet constant pain in my right foot. I made a trip to my family doctor, which did provide temporary relief, however I’m an avid runner and after several months of resumed running, the pain once more reared it’s ugly head.

So, this time around, I decided to see a podiatrist and get to the bottom of my pained foot. I attempted to schedule an appointment for late November, though wasn’t able to get into the doc until the week prior to Christmas. Who knew podiatrists were in such high demand.

Well, after a quick x-ray and an even quicker examination by the doc, she declared that I suffer from Brachymetatarsia. Yes, a classic case of….ummm….what?

I can’t exactly remember how she explained it, but it was something along these lines:

Brachymetatarsia is a condition in which one of the five long bones of the foot (the metatarsals) is abnormally short, resulting in a shortened toe. This condition usually occurs in both feet (i.e., bilaterally)… –podiatrychannel.com

She also mentioned that it’s genetic and if we went back through my family tree, there would probably be a long-line of brachymetarsia (when I confronted my parents with this fact, they both denied their respective sides having such a genetic disorder and quickly blamed the other).

In short, I have, well, a shortened toe. Observe.



This is my foot.

Now compare to Scott’s “normal,”hobbit-like foot.

Scott's normal toe


Well, with this shortened toe, there is a shift of the distribution of pressure to other points of the foot, and in my case it’s primarily placed upon the pinkie toe.

The cure?

Had it been caught when I was a kid, surgery would have been recommended. However, since I have horrible parents and this wasn’t caught until now, the doc claimed that surgery would be too complicated. Yet, after some internet research (which the doc surprisingly suggested I do), I found that the surgery is performed on adults and for typically cosmetic reasons. Though when you’re toe looks like this…

toeI suppose you would be shamed into having the surgery. As one podiatrist’s website said, “(brachymetatarsia is) emotionally traumatic and embarrassing to the individual preventing them from wearing any shoe gear that would expose this condition.” The condition is so embarrassing that you don’t even need commas in your sentences!

Finally, my internet search also uncovered that I am not alone in my pain. Jennifer Garner (of “Daredevil” and Ben Affleck fame) is also afflicted by brachymetatarsia.

jennifer-garner-weird-toe1(source – goddamn tmz)


As for now, my condition, is solved with a simple insole. Over the last few weeks the pain has decreased and the callouses on my pinkie toe joint are disappearing, which the doc said would be a sign of the insoles working. But I will always have the creepy toe!


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