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An Idiot Abroad: Episode 1

Having already posted the preview show a couple weeks ago, I’ve decided to continue with the serialization of An Idiot Abroad here at The Sound of the Noising Machine. I’ll be posting new episodes as they appear on Youtube, so check back often. Here’s episode one where Karl goes to China, which should be of special interest due to his well-documented views on the Chinese (he doesn’t think they age well). Wackiness (and xenophobia) ensues:

Episode 2 up later this week, maybe?

– Greg

Predictions For the Next 10 Years

I watch and read a lot of news, thinking about issues and where the world is headed and what not.  A new decade is fast approaching.  Hard to believe, but the 2010’s are less then 9 months away.  Anyway these are my thoughts for the next 10 years.

Abortion: Now I’m not necessarily for abortion, but I can’t see abortion becoming illegal in the United States.  Their  may be tougher restrictions in the future, but overall abortion will still be an available choice.

China: China is fast becoming a world power and major player on the world stage.  It will surpass the United States as the economic power. And the United States will no longer be the sole superpower politically. Instead it will be a “multi-polar” world where the U.S. Europe, Russia, China and to a lesser extent, other parts of the world will have an equal footing and say on the world stage. For culture such as movies, TV, popular  culture, and music America will still be the dominating force though not as much and other countries being a greater force worldwide.

Health care: The United States will have some form of universal health care in place by 2019. I just think it’s inevitable with Obama in office and the Democrats in power.

Past Torture Issues: Irrespective of whether the Bush Administration really crossed the line or not in respect to the handling of suspected terrorists in Guantanamo Bay or those sent to “secret prisons”; Bush, Cheney and others  working for them will not be put on trial.  Obama has already said it will not happen.  Doing so will make Republicans even more against his policies and agenda in my opinion.

Gay Marriage: Gay marriage will become legal across the nation, probably on a deeply divided vote by the Supreme Court.

War on Terrorism: Surprisingly, I believe the war in Afghanistan will have not only ended by 2019, but in less then 5 years.  2  possible scenarios :The Taliban and the U.S. will come to some kind of truce or the Taliban will simply give up much like Al-Qaeda did in Iraq due to our drones bombing them and their leaders. Once the Taliban are gone Al-Qaeda will soon be destroyed – and Osama Bin Laden.

Just want to say that these are just my thoughts and even a few of my predictions I hope will not come true. Feel free to give your own opinions and thoughts.

2010movie_end Discokid

Muzik eRRRRviewz Part IV: Miyagi-san tai Clubber Lang

Remember my recent post about the Soul Assassins? Remember the part where I said it all went stale after 1997? Well, that’s not exactly true. It’s true that Cypress Hill basically went south starting in 1998 but Muggs’ outside activities have typically been of a higher quality, peaking with this herrrrrre album, a teamup that makes all fans of latino gangster rap tremble in their boots. We get Muggs on the boards with probably his most interesting beats in a decade and we get Sick Jacken of legendary, mega thuggish group Psycho Realm on the mic. For good measure, Street Platoon MC Cynic is also featured throughout and he manages to steal the show on several occasions with his grumbling delivery. The strongest aspect of the album is the beatz. Muggs seems to have grown out of his cheesy synths stage and made it to whatever this stage can be called. There are still some synths but there are a lot of samples and a whole bag of audio tricks. In the glory days of Soul Assassins, Muggs’ beats were always really repetitive with the only variety usually coming in occasional rests in the drumline. The beats on this album are much denser and possess surprising variety. There are distinguishable sections within the songs and elements come and go. Muggs thinks about the box by leaving drums off one song completely. Like some other recent hip-hop albums, this one has a theme: ILLUMINATI CONSPIRACIES. That’s a hell of a lot more interesting than drugs and hoes, even if Sick Jacken’s grasp of world politics might be DELUDED. The group makes several references to the most insane of conspiracy theories, including the recently created myth that most of the world’s leaders belong to a race of half-human, half-reptilian beings that can change between human and reptile at will, due to their mixed DNA (THAT DOESN’T MAKE ANY FUCKING SENSE). Anyway, it’s still fun even if it’s ridiculous and retarded. With Muggs providing all the beats and the lyrical theme that runs throughoug the album, THE LEGEND OF THE MASK AND ASSASSIN is much more cohesive than most hip-hop discs. Do it to it 2007. Grade: A

aesop rock none shall pass album art
AESOP ROCK – NONE SHALL PASS (Definitive Jux, 2007)
I don’t know, man. On the one hand, this is a pretty solid album. On the other hand, I feel like I’ve heard it before. If you’ve heard BAZOOKA TOOTH, then I guess you know what to expect. On Rock’s first few albums, he slowly took over more and more production duties from collaborator Blockhead until he produced about 3/4ths of BAZOOKA TOOTH. This represented growth as an artist and he was making beats as creative and progressive as anyone. Fast forward four whole fucking years to NONE SHALL PASS and we’re greeted with a less ambitious Aesop, producing less than half of the album and letting Blockhead create much of the other half. This is a shame mainly because Rock’s beats are once again better than Blockhead’s. And really, all the beats either of them make, save one, sound like they could have been released on the previous album. The exception is a track where Rock lets REAL LIVE musicians lay down some sweet distorted bass. Hey, if he needs to work with live music then so be it. The album’s closer features singing by the Mountain Goats guy, which is a bit mixed. I mean, the guy’s a shitty singer but the melody over the slamming beat piqued my interest. Maybe Rock should produce some beats for singerz next time? Grade: B

MF DOOM mm food album art
MF DOOM – MM . . . FOOD? (Rhymesayers, 2004)
Another day, another boss Doom album. The beats AND the rhymes are provided by Doom throughout with a few exceptions. As usual, the lyrics deal with nerdy stuff, women, and African-American issues. There are many, many soundbites from what appear to be Fantastic Four cartoons or books on tape, way more than appeared on the Madvillain album. We get it! You’re Dr. Doom! Okay! There are ALSO several soundbites from some character that appears to be some sort of backwoods hillbilly with a drug problem? I dunno. They clash with the super hero clips and hurt the cohesiveness of the album. Most of the beats are very strong and a select few are awesome, not because of clever, multilayered mixing, but because Doom found passages within songs that are perfect for looping. This is one of those albums that’s much more attractive to fans of alternative rock than fans of standard hip-hop. Grade: B+

phases of the moon chinese traditional music
I checked out a bunch of Chinese traditional music CDs on Amazon last year but it took the Beijing Olympix to remind me to actually buy them. The liner notes in this CD aren’t the greatest but it appears the album was recorded in the 1980s. It features traditional Chinese melodies representing several ethnic groups performed by the Central Broadcasting Traditional Instruments Orchestra. China does not actually have an orchestral tradition of its own so the music presented isn’t strictly traditional but it IS very Chinese. As the orchestra’s name implies, Chinese traditional instruments are used but in a large orchestra. The results are great. A lot of the music doesn’t make perfect sense according to my Western sensibilities but it’s all very listenable and much of it is highly enjoyable. A few of the pieces are highly melodic and emotive. Probably not for everyone but I liked it. Grade: A


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Gas pricez

Well, as you may or may not know, every luxury that you and I enjoy comes at the expense of someone else. The reason we have so many luxuries and goodies in the US is not because God loves us the most or because we work hard and others are lazy. We have these things because we used our might early on to carve out a controlling interest in the world’s resources and because, admittedly, we’re not ass-backwards like, say, SAUDI ARABIA.

A lot of people, myself included, have been crying about rising gas prices lately but our prices have been RIDICULOUSLY far beneath fair market value for years and years. People that blame the big American oil companies are confused. Yes, big boys like Exxon are making record profits but that’s just because the percentage of their take naturally rises with price being charged by their supplier: OPEC. And no, OPEC is not raising prices just for fun. They’re doing it because demand is higher than ever, thanks to people who once did without while we did with. Chinese and Indians are buying cars now and BAM, demand skyrockets.

The funniest part about all of this has to be the recent demands by W. that OPEC drill more oil. LOLOLOLOLOLOL Why the fuck would they do that? They’re selling it now at a very high FAIR MARKET VALUE. They know the oil won’t last forever so why the fuck should they deplete it more quickly than necessary just so we don’t have to pay as much here? Their response was basically: Drill your own fucking oil, USA.

If I were King of the US, or the Illuminati, or whoever runs things, I would prepare Alaska and Florida for drilling but not really make use of the facilities. I would make the US weather the pricing storm and reserve our oil supplies for 2 things: 1) that future day when OPEC runs out of oil and we can become rich on Texas tea! and 2) the future super war with China, may they rest in peace.


The Medal Count


Basically, this article mentions that, when it comes to the Olympics medal count, the US ranks countries in order of total medals won while China and most of the rest of the world rank countries by how many GOLD MEDALS they’ve earned. The article then mentions that, due to their disparate ranking methods, the US and China will both probably claim victory at the Gamez.

There’s one big problem with this criteria that the article typically fails to mention: the ONLY OFFICIAL FUCKING MEDAL COUNT IS THE GOLD MEDAL COUNT. This is the only fucking ranking criteria the IOC uses or has ever used. In other words, we’ve decided to play by our own rules. So we can call ourselves the winner but we’ll be the only ones that do.

Here’s my awesome analogy: In Major League Baseball, wins is the only stat that will get you into the playoffs. So imagine if the Cubs get 100 wins and get into the playoffs but meanwhile the Cardinals won 99 games but scored more total runs, missing out on the playoffs, but then hold a victory parade declaring themselves champions because they scored more total runs during the season.

Awful analogies aside, I hate the medal count, especially because it encourages dumbass big powers like USA, China and Russia to invest in sports that their countries don’t give a flying fuck about to begin with just so they can steal a few more medals.


Olympics Lolzs

Spain’s Olympic basketball teams posing for photos pull back skin of eyelids

Spanish star Calderon defends poses as ‘respect’ for Chinese

The controversial image

The controversial image ( El Mundo photo / August 13, 2008 )

BEIJING — The Spanish men’s and women’s basketball teams posed for pre-Olympics photos in which their members are pulling back the skin of their eyelids in a racially offensive manner, causing controversy just as Madrid battles Chicago for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

The photo appeared as an advertisement for a courier company that sponsors the Spanish Basketball Federation, which didn’t immediately respond to a phone call because its offices were closed overnight.

A spokeswoman for the Spanish Olympic Committee based here said her organization had nothing to do with the photo, which appeared in the Spanish daily sports newspaper Marca before the Spanish national team traveled to China.

Spain, the defending world champion in men’s basketball, held a closed practice here Wednesday. Meanwhile, several Chinese-rights organizations decried the photos.

“It is unfortunate that this type of imagery would rear its head during something that is supposed to be a time of world unity,” said George Wu, deputy director for the Organization of Chinese Americans in Washington, D.C.

Spain has been involved in previous racial incidents involving sports. FIFA, soccer’s ruling organization, fined the Spanish Football Federation $90,000 in 2004 after Spanish fans shouted racist chants at black English players.

Spanish fans also taunted English driver Lewis Hamilton earlier this year, prompting the governing body for Formula One to initiate an anti-racism campaign.

The New York Times reported the Spanish national teams are sponsored by Li-Ning, the footwear company owned by Chinese Olympic hero and torch lighter Li Ning. In his blog at elmundo.es, national team stalwart Jose Calderon wrote of that association and his team’s “great respect for the East and its people.”

Calderon defended the gesture.

“One of our sponsors asked us to make, as a ‘wink’ to our participation in Beijing, an expression of Eastern eyes,” he wrote. “We felt it was something appropriate and that it would always be interpreted as an affectionate gesture. … Whoever wants to interpret something different, totally confused.”



Another Olympix complaint

The medal count is really stupid. First off, it’s mostly about big powers like China, USA and Russia showing off. But what’s really dumb is how every medal has the same weight. What I mean is, why is the Gold Medal that Mr. Swimmer gets for making it through a few heats and then winning the final worth the same in the medal count as the Gold Medal that Mrs. Softball Team will get for winning the whole fucking softball tournament? It’s dumb!

At the last Olympics, Argentina got Gold in both men’s soccer AND basketball. That should have been worth a LOT in the medal count. Instead, just worth 2 medals. Dumb. ANd then USA and China won a bunch of individual medals in diving and track and the like and showed off big-time.