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Les Moonves controls the internet.

CBS CEO, Leslie Mooonves, might contol the internet, or at least Google and Wikipedia…which are basically the internet.  This seems minor, BUT Mooonves’s Wikipedia page only lists his current spouse, Julie Chen, in his profile box.  (I thought all pages list past and presnt spouses.)  It kind of gets a little more interesting.  His ex-wife, Nancy Wiesenfeld Moonves, appears to have been completely wiped off of Google.  Seriously, try to Google/Google Image her.  All that will come up are pictures of Julie Chen.  Where are the tabloid reports?   How is someone that was married to the CEO of CBS for over 20 years wiped off of the internet?


National Game Registry 1980: Wizard of Wor

original platform

Featuring powerful sound effects and atmospheric presentation perfect for a desperate shooter, Wizard of Wor stars a soldier trapped in an alien-infested maze over an impressive starfield backdrop.  Each maze begins with numerous drones and slowly introduces faster enemies with the ability to become invisible.  Two players may join battle simultaneously, either cooperating or competing, and even the single-player mode features a CPU-controlled soldier ready to provide assistance.

Wizard of Wor was inducted on April 15th, 2009.

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