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New molecule kills kidney cancer cells

stanford researchers have discovered a molecule that kills kidney cancer cells! it’s called STF-62247, and it kills the cancer cells in people whose vhl genes aren’t working. (vhl genes are tumor suppressors, but don’t work in 75% of kidney tumor cells.) the other bonus to this STF-62247 is that, when killing cancer cells, it’s generally harmless to other cells, because these other cells carry a vhl gene that works. so this means that not only does this molecule have the potential to cure kidney cancer – a form of cancer whose only real treatment, currently, is removal of the affected kidney – but also has the potential to remove many of the side effects associated with other cancer treatments.

more info can be found in this article and this article. both from eurekalert.org

scientists have also identified a new anti-tumor drug.


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Bikers+The Lonesome Heroes=Help Cancer

Sometimes I feel like I’m wearing two left shoes when I’m on the internet. Yet-when my water is mixed with vodka–as it is right now–I don’t seem to mind. If you don’t ever drink, attempt reading a sloppy number 5. You will swear it’s an “S” and quite frankly.. that’s what it feels like to be drunk. I stare at doctor applications all day and sometimes when trying to read their application-I feel a lot more dizzy then I do now. You may ask..what’s this leading too? Is this a drunk post? Well, it is not…kinda.

I remember about two years ago bringing a bunch of meat as a gift to a person that does not eat meat. But, that’s all I really had to offer and luckily this fine man had a small living room in Des Moines, Iowa which I spent the night drinking PBRs and chatting nonsense with some fine Texans. These fine Texans were at the time considered, “loose friends.”

After a night in some dive bar parking lot in Philly-dancing to Rod Stewart songs-I convinced them to fly to Minnesota..so that we could drive to Des Moines, Iowa- record some music and have a grand ole’ time.

They are now great friends and the point of this blog is simple.

Some of the sweetest, most genuine people I know will be providing songs from their E.P, “Don’t Play to Lose” on Floodwater Records in an upcoming documentary.

Whoa- I almost forgot, these lonestar crazed Texans go by the monkier, “The Lonesome Heroes.”

To view the trailer-just click below.

For more info about The Lonesome Heroes visit http://www.floodwaterrecords.com
..buy a release..why not help a hungry man eat as well?