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movie challenge 2005: chapter 6

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May 8th, 2005

1:37 am

Beyond Re-Animator:

awesome gore. it’s one of those ‘horror-comedy’ films like dead alive. this is the third in the ‘re-animator’ series. my blockbuster doesn’t have the first two, so i don’t know how it compares to those. i would like to see the others, because the director claims this one has the least amount of gore. this movie was fun for the most part, but seemed to go on a bit too long, and had a few boring parts. that’s the problem with films made just for gore, they rarely use the gore in such a way to keep your attention the whole time. they usually have a bunch of pointless scenes to add more gore, but it takes away from the flow of the movie. the bonus features had a great techno-pop music video called ‘move your dead bones’. i don’t know who it’s by. maybe it would’ve told me if i could’ve sat through more than 30 seconds of it.

2:47 am

well fuck. i just learned there are FIVE MORE amityville movies!!

Amityville 4: The Evil Escapes
The Amityville Curse
Amityville 1992: It’s About Time
Amityville: A New Generation
Amityville Dollhouse

they are all either made for tv movies, or direct to video. luckily, i’ll probably never see any of these.

***i decided to look for the “move your bones” video on youtube. not only did i find the version from beyond re-animator, but also an awfully good flash video featuring furries.

and here’s the WIKIFUR entry about it


movie challenge 2005: chapter 4

catch up: chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3

May 6th, 2005

i walked to the video store in good spirits. the night was cool, but not cold, my head and throat weren’t hurting like they had recently been accustomed to, i had eaten pizza for dinner, everything was very pleasant. i walked in to blockbuster, and down the isle, turning at the horror section. as my eyes scanned along the first row of dvds, my spirits suddenly fell. sitting on the shelf, staring mockingly at me, were amityville II: The Possession and amityville 3-D. FUCK!! the two amityville movies i’ve seen are worthless, and i wasn’t ready for what i assumed were two more completely awful wastes of time and money, not only for me, but for the people who made the films. after i had quit hyperventilating, and came back to my senses, i realized that both films had miraculously been rented. i breathed a sigh of relief, wiped the cold sweat off my brow, and said a prayer of thanks to whatever god is watching over me. the next two films on the shelf were films i had actually thought about renting before starting this quest. (quest for what? i’m not sure. maybe i’ll find the answer to that at the end of the journey)

Angel Heart:

another film that probably shouldn’t be in the horror section. this is more of a mystery film. it’s about this private detective who is hired by some mysterious “religious fanatic” to find a missing person. it stars mickey rourke, robert de niro, and lisa bonet (of cosby show fame). good film, but you figure out the mystery pretty quick. i like the cinematography, the visuals, and the over all feel that the movie has. lisa bonet is naked alot. so if you ever wanted to see Denise Huxtable Kendall in the nude, then you’ll certainly enjoy this film.


i recomend this film to Ryan C. Meier, and anyone else who has an irrational fear of spiders, because they might actually find it scary. i thought this movie was actually done pretty well. it never got TOO rediculous, although it is just like any other ‘new deadly species’ film. some new species is found in south america and accidentally brought back and released unknowingly into civilization. then people start dying, and no one knows why. then someone thinks they know, but no one believes him/her. then they find out he/she’s right and the last half is all action or tension and special effects. john goodman is in it, and his character is cool. and the spiders are done pretty well. they’re even better than the spiders in the beyond!!

i’m still sick, but i haven’t noticed any red splotches yet, so i’m just going to keep assuming it’s just sinuses, and not strep throat. doctors are lame and a waste of my time, i can’t be bothered to go see one unless it’s an emergency.


movie challenge 2005: chapter 1

way back in 2005, i was living in one small living room in davis, ca. i was doing little more than going to work, reading a lot of socio-political writing, walking around the city, and riding my bike. on may day, i decided i should spend my waking hours more efficiently. i decided to watch every horror film in blockbuster. in alphabetical order. by the time i moved, in june, i had only made it to “H”. but mark my words, if my life ever gets stagnant again, i will continue where i left off.

anyway… after every movie that i watched, i would write a small review. now i will share them with everyone!!!

May 1st, 2005:

i’ve decided to watch every movie in the horror section of blockbuster by the end of may. this includes those ones that you can tell are gonna be really shitty just from looking at the packaging. i don’t know if i can do it. i’ll probably go insane. or more likely, i’ll just end up hating the horror genre all together, and avoid everything horror related for at least 20 years. it’s a win win situation!!
i’ll try to post mini reviews of each one.

first up:
13 ghosts

– the original one from 1960. pretty much what you would expect it to be. it’s about this family who inherits an old mansion that was owned by a crazy uncle who was obsessed with the supernatural. not to mention, this uncle also had a treasure hidden in his house somewhere. old mr. crazy created a device used to see ghosts, and somehow captured 11 ghost from around the world and brought them back to his house. he got killed and is the 12th ghost in the house. someone in the house will soon be killed, and become the 13th ghost. the whole movie is black and white, except when ghosts appear. ‘why?’ you ask? well… the reason for this is that when you went to see the movie, you got a pair of “illusion-o” glasses. basically 3d glasses, but with one color on top and the other on bottom, so that you only looked through one color at a time. whenever someone in the film put on the ghost viewing device, you would follow their lead, and look through your very own ghost viewing glasses. if you were brave, you would look through one color, and the ghosts would appear, if you were scared and didn’t want to see the ghosts, you would look through the other. and basically the whole movie was just built around this gimmick. i didn’t have any glasses, so i didn’t get the whole experience, but it was still a fun movie.


william castle’s introduction to the film:

May 2nd, 2005:

fuck blockbuster. they don’t open until 10:00. how am i supposed to get through every horror movie if i can’t watch one in the morning and at least one at night. i guess i’ll have to go at like midnight to get new ones everyday.

here’s a question about the movie challenge that i can’t answer myself for fear of cheating:
must i watch the movies that i have seen before? i’m not gonna re-watch the ones that i’ve rented over the past couple of months obviously, but what about the ones that i haven’t seen for a few years? it wouldn’t be a problem, and i’m looking forward to re-watching some, such as 28days later and dawn of the dead, but then i think about jeepers creepers and i start to hyperventilate. do i have to watch this again?! i’m afraid i might…. please let me know what you think.

***the general concensus was that i did not have to re-watch a movie as long as i could remember it well. and that jeepers creepers is a film that should never have been made.