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The Shameless Facebook Plug

we have links for them other places as well, but since i just spent a couple hours updating both the noising machine AND beati paoli facebooks, i feel like i should tell everyone to go check ’em out, and if you are a facebook member, PLEASE add us.

the noising machine facebook

the beati paoli facebook

you can find new songs by Wet Chemistry and MOCKINGBIRD, who, if you didn’t know, are the two latest additions to our noising machine family. go listen to them and tell us what you think!

and just so this post isn’t SUPER BORING, here’s a video featuring some psychedelic starlings:



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Beati Paoli website is back up!!

i finally got things worked out, and, at least for NOW, beatipaoli.net is back up.

i feel FREE as a bird!!! or… free as a half naked man escaping from bondage!!!


keep your fingers crossed cuz with our luck it could be down again anytime!