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Laconic Oration – January

Natalie and I maintain an image-blog over at laconicoration.tumblr.com.

Here is a very small taste of what was posted there in January:

i’ve also posted samples from December, November, October, and September. However… you could always just stop over to the site itself


Laconic Oration – October

September’s edition was such a success, I guess I’ll continue the monthly image post!!

Here are 15 images from Laconic Oration, during the month of October:

via Laconic Oration


photos from burj dubai

remember when ninjagarden was talking about TALL BUILDINGS???

well… i was looking at darkroastedblend today, when i ran across some pictures that were taken from the top of the TALLEST MAN-MADE STRUCTURE ON EARTH!

that first one makes me want to roll a katamari.