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Folgers Christmas 2009

If you’ll recall from last year, I wrote a post about my favorite Christmas Commericals. One of my choices was everyone’s favorite, “Peter comes home” Folgers commercial. Well, while home over Thanksgiving this year, I happened to see an updated version of that commercial.

Now, it’s kind of a strange update because, instead of Peter presumably hitchhiking home from college, the new not-Peter (I’ll call him this because at no point does his sister shout out “PETER!”)  has returned home from West Africa. From some sort of “volunteer” program that has a symbol vaguely similar to UNICEF.  Check moment 0:07,  as it’s on his backpack. Anyway, it proceeds like the old Folger’s commercial, even with the sister doting on not-Peter (“I waited up all night for you,ya’ know”), despite the fact that she’s probably 10 years older than the original sister.  Coffee is smelled, poured, parents awake. Then it gets a little weird. Not-Peter says he’s gotten a gift for little-big sister. It’s exchanged. But then they both kind of get bedroom eyes for a few seconds. Until mom and dad thankfully break up the awkward scene.  And then we’re played out by everyone’s favorite King-of-Queen’s-theme-song-singing Billy Vera.

A future classic? Possibly. But it’s still no Taco John’s Faliz Navidad commercial. Which I tried searching for AGAIN this year,but no dice.


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Christmas Commercials

After my Christmas California Raisins’ post, I had the idea of posting my ten favorite Christmas commercials (I don’t know why TV and Christmas go hand-in-hand with me). However, after a thorough internet search, I couldn’t find several of my choices, especially my number one, so I ditched the idea. Well, with this post-Christmas-come-down (a time when we make do with the either the gifts we got but didn’t want or wanted be didn’t get), I figured I’d post this abortion anyway. That and I haven’t posted anything in several weeks.

6)Folgers Coffee

I debated leaving this thing off the list, but it’s the first commercial I thought of when this post occurred to me. I mean, the thing is marketing gold. Kid comes home early. Makes coffee. Entire family is happy. Suddenly everyone wants Folgers Coffee.

However, that is not why I included it. This commercial always reminded me of the kitchen scene in “Gremlins.” As a kid, I halfway expected Spike to show up and just tear apart Peter and his sister.

5) Norelco Santa

Santa sledding in a piece of a razor cracked me up. So sue me. And did they really just suggest giving a blood pressure meter for Christmas?

4) Hershey’s Kisses

It’s kind of like the bell skit in “Will Vinton’s Chirstmas Celebration,” but not as good. Fun nonetheless.


As a child, I thought this was considered “sexy.” Probably explains a lot of my problems.

2) Honey Nut Cheerios

This commercial was always odd, because it always seemed very grown-up to me. This has to be the first cereal advertisement where it only features an adult and is not made out to be an idiot. Naturally, in my childish mind, I felt grownup since I enjoyed Honey Nut Cheerios. Oh, the magic of marketing!

1) Fruity Pebbles

For once, Barney is able to enjoy Fred’s Pebbles without worry of being beaten. Proof that world peace is possible!

Well, that’s it. I’m still upset that I couldn’t find my original choice for number one, which was Taco John’s “Feliz Navidad” commercial. If you’re fortunate enough to have a Taco John’s in your area, you probably know what I’m talking about. I’m unable to here Jose Feliciano’s Christmas Carol with having “…and from Taco John’s” follow the final line.


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