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American Media

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HELLO! Ann Coulter!

here are some videos that will give you a good feeling:

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Throwing Knives At Children: An American Pastime

we all know the american tradition of getting drunk and playing JARTS with wild ambition, but did you know that throwing knives at children is also a very popular form of american entertainment!?

here’s the proof: a news reel from 1950s texas.

for more on the popular pastime of knife throwing (with or without the child endangerment), click here and here!

yes. i’m still obsessed with the prelinger archive.


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Why respond to comments when I can just make a new post?

First order of business: It’s been pointed out that Senator Lieberman does not serve on the committee I previously attributed to him.  However, I’m never wrong he probably does serve on the committee I claimed he does.

2nd order: Voting for a 3rd party candidate – My personal desire is for America to someday move to a multiple party system.  Perhaps if there were, say, 7 viable parties there might be ONE that almost lines up with some of my beliefs.  Some people say that America has always been a 2 party nation and that’s kind of true but there have been a few major shakeups and they indicate to me that major shakeups CAN happen again.

2 party system part 1: Democratic Republicans vs Federalists – The first few decades of our republic experienced VICIOUS partisanship but eventually the Democratic Republicans destroyed the Federalists politically.

1 party system: Next came a few decades of only ONE major party as the Democratic Republicans were renamed the Democrats.*  There was no second viable party, just some independents to provide opposition.

2 party system part 2: Finally the Whigs rose up to present a legitimate challenger, the Civil War basically killed them off and the new Republican Party essentially replaced them.

* prior to this rebranding, Democratic Republicans often referred to themselves as Republicans.  Many confused, or perhaps manipulative, conservatives refer to some of these men as having been Republicans in the modern sense.  The lineage of parties isn’t that important, anyway, as the Republicans and Democrats have almost swapped positions on many major issues over the years.  Famous Democrat Andrew Jackson would, in my opinion, be a Republican today.  Abe Lincoln basically co-founded the Errrrrpublican Party but if he were around today I imagine he would start up a brand new party all over again.  End of ramble.


The 2nd Amendment is in Dire Need of Revaulation

Sorry for the article dumping I have been a part of recently, but moving is busy and these articles are probably better than something like “My Top 10 Favorite Chewing Gum Flavors” or “Reasons Why the Movie Journey to the Center of the Earth Sucks.” The following is an article about how a Texan school district is allowing teachers to carry handguns. Oh man, is this ten steps in the wrong direction. Not only are they giving students the wrong message that MORE guns are the answer to school violence, but they are adding tension to what sounds like an already hostile environment. There are so many better solutions: metal detectors, hiring policemen instead of doubling a teacher’s duty of teaching with peacekeeping, more school counseling, advocating non-violence…… Ugh, handguns.


Teachers in one part of the US state of Texas are to be allowed to carry concealed firearms when the new school term opens this month.

The school superintendent in Harrold district said the move was intended to protect staff and pupils should there be any gun attacks on its sole campus.

Teachers would have to undertake crisis management training first, the superintendent, David Thweatt, said.

In recent years the US has seen a number of fatal school shootings.

Trustees had approved the policy and parents had not objected, Mr Thweatt said.

“When the federal government started making schools gun-free zones, that’s when all of these shootings started,” he wrote on the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s web site.

Mr Thweatt said he believed the school’s proximity to a large, busy motorway could make it a target.

“If something were to happen here, I’d much rather be calling a parent to tell them that their child is OK because we were able to protect them,” Mr Thweatt said.

Texas outlaws the presence of firearms at schools unless individual institutions allow them.

Meat issues: 1) Environment 2) Humanitarian 3) Media Bias

From my perspective, the three most annoyingly preachy people in the world are Christians, Muslims and vegetarians.  The one thing that vegetarians have that the others don’t is a HUGE AMOUNT OF DATA, FACTS, and the support of the United Nations. 


Being evironmentally responsible is really trendy in a very superficial way in our country.  Lots of people recycle, lots of people are changing modes of transportation, lots of people are monitoring their energy use but very few are avoiding the #1 most environmentally damaging industry in the entire world: meat production.  Many environmental scientific watchdog groups, like Worldwatch Institute, have known this for years but the United Nations finally studied the issue 2 years ago and came to the same conclusion: the best thing you can do for the environment is to not eat meat.


I love all the environmental issues related to domestic oil drilling, coming from people that probably eat meat.  The environmental hazards from drilling are absolutely miniscule compared to FACTS, according to the EPA, like: the meat industry pollutes more water in America than EVERY OTHER INDUSTRY COMBINED . . . or that cattle grazing causes 85% of all soil erosion in the United States.  In a few decades, when we’re having trouble growing domestic crops because of soil runoff, you can rest assured that it’s not at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico thanks to our beef diet.

The environmental ramifications are just gigantic.  Meat is the biggest contributor to global warming as it is the #1 biggest cause of deforestation.  It takes a lot of grain to feed all those KFC chickenz!


This one is really simple and totally ignored.  There are hundreds of millions of starving people in the world, in spite of that we grow enough crops every year to feed the world many times over.  We raise enough crops to feed to COWS ALONE every year to feed the world’s human population.  But that’s just it, we’re wasting it unnecessarily on livestock.  It takes 16 lbs of grain and over 2000 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of meat.  Every time you eat meat you are wasting 15 potential meals that could have benefited someone somewhere else in the world.


The fact that these facts are out there and have been endorsed by the United Nations but still receive VERY little coverage in our news media is nothing short of an abomination.  People like Al Gore are celebrated for their semi-scientific movies that naturally completely ignore the BIGGEST ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE.  The media loves to give green tips and almost never mentions anything related to meat or even diet. 

Even groups like Sierra Club that love hunting acknowledge the damage of meat production.  There is a LOT of information on these issues out there.  But don’t look for it in our degenerate, Obama-loving, status quo-adoring news media.


Drilling = Duh

Scott mentioned the flip-flop of Democrats on drilling issues but he didn’t specify his own position on the issue.  I’ll tell you mine:

Drilling = DUH

I like how it’s okay for us to supposedly “ruin” the environments of other areas, just as long as we don’t “ruin” an incredibly small percentage of ANWAR or dig offshore.  It’s okay for us to lay down cables and engage in offshore mining but oil is off-limits.  What?  My personal opinion is that the government has intentionally placed many restrictions on domestic drilling over the years because they see our reserves as a rainy day deposit.  Well, the rainy day has arrived so use the fucking stuff.  You dig the shit up, you use it up, you do your damage, and finally it’s all gone.  The current system is a really good way to fund repressive, totalitarian governments that also hate us.  Even morally, it’s wrong to leave the stuff in the ground when there are people that can benefit from it.  Let’s make it our super humanitarian project: we’ll drill our own oil and but we’ll keep buying a bunch from OPEC and give it away to East Timor and Bangladesh.  Gas will still be $4 at the pump and so people will continue to use more efficient transportation.  Of course it would never happen.

But, in conclusion . . .

Drilling = Duh



Well, it seems like someone should write about the biggest music festival to hit downtown Des Moines, so here I go….

Overall: There was an overall lack of enthusiasm, in my opinion.  But it’s always good for people, myself included, to hear new stuff.  Here’s why I think people weren’t very excited for the bands (excluding PCC):  Nobody, except for about ten people total, walked over and held a spot for Black Francis; perhaps people were being polite and I hear there was excitement right in front of the stage, but a lot of the time people didn’t cheer for the FL until after he said, “Thank you;” during the FL, the people in front of me did not move once; the FL played a lot of recognizable singles, but the reception for each song was pretty much the same; the person behind me was more concerned about complaining how he didn’t have weed and how he just came to get high off of someone else’s weed.  Yeah, I like going to concerts where people are really excited and don’t stand the entire time w/ their hands folded or in their pockets…

I only saw five bands perform…

Andrew Bird: I think this was my favorite performance of the the entire festival. I have been wanting to give him a listen for awhile and his performance was a good reminder to do so. I think, with the exception of indie kids and some out-of-towners, nobody knew he existed before Friday evening.

Flaming Lips: Fuck Bush. Fuck this war. Am I the only one getting tired of hearing this everywhere from MTV to the anarchist’s hat at the bus stop? It is the general consensus that America does say, “Fuck Bush and Fuck this War,” so can’t we go beyond spreading the word that has already been spread and focus on the next election? Anyway….the Flaming Lips are known for their crazy, over-the-top, party-style performances. Is it just me or did it seem like we got a slightly abbreviated performance? With the naked painted ladies, skull costume and psychdelic colors, I was mostly reminded of a Beavis and Butt-head dream sequence, which isn’t bad, but who wants a dog when you can have a puppy? Maybe I would have enjoyed this more had a pair of giants not been standing right in front of me.

Jakob Dylan

Black Francis: I went to see Black Francis hoping for the Pixes, or even Frank Black. :( It still was thrilling to see a member of one of my favorite bands perform though.

Poison Control Center: This was the most fun performance. Their loyal fans love them, so the energy is great!

Food: I ordered chicken nachos and there were six-inch pieces of chicken on them, which made them impossible to eat without sitting at a table with a fork and knife. Also, they put shredded cheese on top of pump cheese, ew! I wish I could have found the regular nachos you get at ballparks or movie theaters. OH well, I had some delicious Thai Food afterwards.

Drink: The beer was cheap and the one with the one with the horse was decent. The water was cheap too, but the vendor was overly aggressive when it came to tipping!

Conclusion: I definitely have to commend the committee/people that made this happen because it was quite the feat. Good luck next year!

World War III


If you don’t want to read the whole article, it’s conservative wacko predicting that Israel will attack Iran between our autumn elections and the inauguration. This is all based on recent developments that indeed do seem to suggest something might go down soon (Israeli long-range test runs and recent comments by leaders). I have to admit, there is a strange part of me that is separated from it all that finds the whole thing exciting. A real, goshdarned war between 2 modern militaries! This sort of thing is very rare post-World War II. Most wars of the last 50 years have been waged by a modern military on one side and a very clever, determined but but less powerful (on paper) enemy on the other side. Examples are the current Iraq war, Vietnam War, Soviet/Afghani war.

Anyway, back when the 9/11 attacks occurred I wrote in a journal or something about how it could turn into World War III. Not that it will but just how it could happen. Well, I think it could possibly happen if Israel attacks Iran. It could EASILY happen if Iran were to attack Israel. Anyway, here’s a potential scenario.

Israel attacks Iran in a preemptively defensive act of aggression. Iran would definitely not stand for it and a war would commence. We would certainly enter to defend Israel and Britain would likely do so as well. It could stop there (and perhaps probably would). Contrary to public opinion, Iran is NOT an Arab nation (it’s Persian). It has a majority Shiite population and it’s decisions are unpopular. As a result, the Arab nations wouldn’t go nuts to help out but Syria probably would. So it’s Israel, US, UK vs Iran, Syria. If Iran could somehow turn the whole thing into a Muslim rallying point all hell could break loose. Even if the other Muslim nations don’t join in, rioting and civil strife could easily be instigated in most of these countries.

Basically, all that’s required is for Pakistan to get involved. If they could somehow be persuaded to act or join Iran, in spite of the fact that Pakistan is now our “friend”, a real can of worms is opened. Pakistan’s mortal enemy, India, would likely join on our side. Now neighboring Muslim countries like Bangladesh and Indonesia could answer the cry. Is Australia, part-time enemies of Indonesia, then induced to join our side?

China has been a long-time enemy of India’s engaging them in several border battles. Naturally, the Chinese also hate us. Do they sieze the opportunity to take the land that they believe is theirs? Are we then compelled to aid India? And does China take advantage of the chaos to invade Taiwan? Or finally pay back Japan for WWII?

And what does Russia do?! They act like they’re pals with China now but they’re traditionally enemies (even in the communist days). But they hate us much more.

Probably won’t happen.


McCain gets $58,000 per year in disabillity income

full story at americablog.com

“First off, I find it fascinating that John McCain, who is refusing to vote for the GI Bill for our troops because “it’s too generous,” is himself getting $58,000 a year, tax-free, from the US government for his military service.”

i guess it’s nice to know that when you’re rich, you can receive help from the government. you see… most people don’t NEED any government support because they’ll never even have a CHANCE to become president.