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What kind of Demon was in Paranormal Activities


If you watch closely u will see there is acutely Two different things. My reasoning: At first the “thing” Could only get into the house. One from the stairs and the other from the roof;Then during the activity in the room one was trying to get the girl, and the other was trying to posses the girl; And then more proof was when they did the board thing, not only did it prove its a ghost but that it was strong enough to incarnate fire. If this was a “alien” or something it would not have done that. To be honest if this was real it would be more like this. Angels (roof dude) Vs demon (possessor and one coming from stairs) Fighting over her soul, or just trying to get her. Or Alien (the feet) vs Ghost (umm…ghost lol) Trying to get her. Here is my reasons for th AvD. We have no idea what angels look like, they could have weird feet like that lol, and then the demon because of the board thing and the possessing. AvG; The foot thing can prove it was an alien not a ghost, and the shadow thing, if u look into a camouflage that can give invisibility is by Bending light around the body. This will give the wearer invis, and no one can see them, BUT! just because the light is bent around them doesn’t mean it will not cast a shadow that is able to be picked up by the camera. Now for the ghost, the board thing kinda give it that, and the possessing thing and the fact it didn’t always cast a shadow. When she was possessed both times, no physical action was recorded, but when a shadow was casted there was. Showing there was not one but 2 or more beings after her. ..>< More to add to Demon/Ghost. The Photo, Demon’s are said to feed on fear and all that stuff, they would have planted that to strike fear into her and gain more power. >>>><<<<<<!!! To add to alien, he/she/it could have “tagged” her and just then found her, and the photo was a test to see if it was really her. On a side note, Alien’s Tech could cause this “Feeling” Psychics get from “Ghost/Demons” So it cant not be said that it was not a alien.

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National Game Registry 1990: Aliens

original platform
key personnel
S. Okamoto (direction/program)
K. Ozaki (program)

Something like a cross between Contra (which was already inspired by the Aliens films) and beat-em-up/brawler action.

Aliens was inducted on August 23rd, 2009.

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National Game Registry 1984: Rescue On Fractalus

original platforms
Atari 800
Atari 5200

Lucasfilm Games/Atari

In Rescue on Fractalus,  the player guides a ship across a barren, hostile landscape searching for stranded pilots, which can be spotted by sight or radar.  The atmosphere is strong, relying on sound as much as graphics – when the ship lands near a pilot the player can see little but hears the footsteps and then rather polite knock of the pilot.  The player can admit the pilot but must be prepared for a surprise, as occasionally alien imposters worm their way onto the ship.  When enough pilots are collected, the player leaves the planet and returns to the mothership, advancing to the next level.  The mountainous landscape, sprinkled with enemy forces, is impressive in its own right, created randomly using fractal programming.

Rescue on Fractalus was inducted on April 22nd, 2009.

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National Game Registry 1981: Galaga

original platform

Galaga introduces several improvements to the Galaxian formula; the aliens no longer begin their attack in a Space Invaders-style formation, instead flying in from off-screen in rather sophisticated patterns.  The most interesting innovation is an enemy ship armed with a tractor beam of sorts.  If the beam ensnares the player’s ship, it is lost and will actually join the alien armada until it is reclaimed by destroying the capturing alien.

Galaga was inducted on April 12th, 2009.

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Some things that almost certainly don’t exist

God as understood by any of our religions
aliens that have visited earth


Jeez! Stan Winston died!

I didn’t even know he had cancer.


UK releases secret UFO files!

“Secret files on UFO sightings have been made available for the first time by the Ministry of Defence.”

but you know most of the documents have large blacked out areas…

read the bbc news story.