Singles Club

I (Greg Goode) am obsessive compulsive. As such, I like to spend crazy amounts of time making lists, both of the written and play varieties. One playlist I’ve made and have been consistently updating is one I’ve dubbed “Singles Club”. Basically, “Singles Club” is my attempt to collect all of the singles from the various albums, compilations, etc. on my iPod and put them under one roof (so to speak). If it was released as a 7″, 12″, CD single, radio single, video single, download single or whatever else, then it has a place in “Singles Club”. To help make this endeavor seem slightly less masturbatory, I decided to use the playlist as the basis for a new feature, creatively entitled Singles Club. A couple of times a week, I’ll put the SC playlist on random, and whatever song comes up first is the one I’ll write about. I plan to write a bit about the song, give it some context (maybe some personal reminiscence), and hopefully provide audio, or a video, and physical single info if applicable (i.e. single cover, b-side). So, if you’re not asleep yet, let’s go!