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Beati Paoli Winter Tour 09: Day 5/6 – Springfield, MO & St Louis, MO


Previous tour diary entries: day 1/2 and day 3/4.

We grab some continental breakfast and split, heading to the nearest Sears Auto Center to get the van fixed. Hopefully we won’t have to pay a lot for a muffler. or radial belt.

It turns out we won’t really have to, but it will take an hour or so to get fixed.  Which is great as it is just enough time to see what sort of things go down at the Muskogee Mall on a Tuesday morning.  We nearly get lucky as a woman approaches us and tells us that we look like the pop-drinking type.  We’ve just met this lady and she already has us figured out. Turns out she’s doing a taste-test for two new Mountain Dew flavors.  We all jump for joy simultaneously.  However, our jumping is short lived as we soon discover that we must live within a forty five mile radius of Muskogee to take part. We briefly consider taking up permanent residence in the area, but ultimately decide against it.

Two hours later and two hundred dollars lighter, we head out for Springfield.  Spirits seem to be a bit lower than normal due to the Mountain Dew tasting not panning out, but we take comfort in the fact that retro arcade, 1984, is located at our next stop. That’ll cheer us up.


poor deluded fools...if they only knew...

The van has barely come to a complete stop and Tony and Scott have already hit the ground running in the direction of the legendary arcade. The rest of us catch up to find both guys holding one another, softly weeping. Turns out the place is only open Wednesday through Saturday and today is Tuesday.  Dejected, we retreat to some coffee shop to kill several hours.

We play an open-mic at the Outland. An old-man, whose name escapes me, performs stand-up that is pretty amusing, until he veers off into homophobic territory.  But he’s rather old, so no one says anything.

We play then head to our old pal Andrew’s place.  When we awake in the morning, it’s somehow colder inside his house than outside.  Cecil takes  a massively long (time-wise) dump and we then leave for St. Louis.


waiting for Cecil...

Arriving in St Louis slightly earlier than planned, we find a laundry mat and the weaker members of the band, whom shall remain nameless, do laundry.  Greg and I simply watch.

We play a set at The Way Out club. After finishing, a  gentleman who probably lacks a roof to sleep under, politely demands we play “Smoke on the Water.” I clumsily stumble through the chorus. Unimpressed, the man starts yelling louder. At this point, the bartender spots that he brought in his own beer and promptly tosses him out. I feel bad for not having fulfilled his request.


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Beati Paoli Winter Tour 2009: Day 1/2 – Omaha,NE & Wichita, KS


Cast of Characters:

Gregory Goode – Vocal

Ryan C. Meier – Bass

Tony Meier – Roadie/Merch/Manager

Scott O’Gara – Drum

Cecil Skrdlant – Guitar

Day 1: Omaha, NE

Planning a winter tour is kind of a dumb idea. Even if you’re heading to warmer climates.  Reason being, you still have to load the van in the cold weather of Des Moines, Ia.

Anyway, the first night of tour was Omaha,  a short 2 hour drive from Des Moines. With this in mind, we plan a 4:30 departure time.  We do it BP style and roll out-of-town around 6:15 instead.  Just outside of Omaha we see some chrome-platted truck balls (or truck nuts, if you prefer).  We take it as a good sign for the tour.

The show is at the Barley St. Tavern. Nice place. I would call it a 70’s throwback-type bar, except this place was open in the 70’s, so it’s the real deal.  No posturing allowed here.

Even with the hand-wringing of the sound man over the large 5 band bill, the show doesn’t being until 10pm. Spring Acres kicks it off.  He’s pretty rad. We play second.  Personally, I don’t think it is too strong a set on our part, but the other guys think otherwise. Oui Bandits play next. They are rad as well.  Following them is our good pal Adam Robert Haug. He is always rad.  Finally, It’s True wrap things up just in time to make the 1am closing time. They are especially rad.

All-in-all, I think it is a good show.  I like all the bands and the turnout is great.  Easily the strongest bill we’ve played in a long time.


to come

Hotel Frank

Day 2: Wichita, KS

We awake around 10 in living room of the legendary Hotel Frank. Collecting our things (but not quite everything as I forget my toiletries’ bag, however I won’t notice for another 12 hours. I contemplate not showering/brushing my teeth/general grooming for the entire tour, but ultimately decide against it). We breakfast at McFosters’, much like we do everytime we play Omaha.  As always, it is delicious. And entirely vegan/vegetarian…even Tony’s meal!

Aside from me starting a game on Chrono Trigger DS, the drive to Wichita is uneventful.

We arrive in Wichita around 5:30. It’s good to see the Barnhardts again. Mo has prepared some wonderful vegan/vegetarian food.  We catch up with her and the rest of the family. After dinner, we get settled and the house begins to fill-up.  Show starts at 8. First band Toy Sails rocks out. First song in, the bassist trips, falls, and manages to bring a window.  Probably just about any other house show, that kind of thing would get the show shut down. However, this is not just any place. This is the Vertical Violet.  Breck, man of the house shrugs, cleans up the glass, and the show continues.  We play and the crowd generally seems to dig us.  The third and final band, polarOPPOSITEbear, has just come off of a three-week tour to the East Coast and back and it shows. They play a tight set.

Crowd at Vertical Violet


to come

After the show, Tony and Scott play boggle with Freya and Landon while Cecil frequently exlaims, “This is the furtherest I’ve ever gotten!” while playing RoboCop versus The Terminator for the Sega Genisis.

The next morning, there is a delicious breakfast of waffles awaiting us. I can’t say it enough, the Barnhardts are great people! After lounging about a bit and playing with Viola, we head out for Dallas.  Before leaving town, we hit up Walgreens. It is there I discover this:

the snuggie

As tempting as it is, I pass on purchasing one.

We head out, eager to arrive in Dallas.  With two great shows to start out tour, nothing could possibly go wrong, right?


Tour Summary

I just wanted to say it’s nice to be back from tour. Some of the highlights…Dr. Pepper mueseum, Vertical Violet and Tony Meier. Twas a good time.


(seriously how do i sign this with my fucking avatar?)

Beati Paoli Winter Tour 2009!


Tomorrow begins BP’s short but (hopefully) memorable jaunt down south, then up north east, and then back west to Des Moines, aka “Beati Paoli Winter Tour 2009!” Original, I know.  Here is all the info you’ll need!

Fri. – Jan 30th –  Omaha, NE : Barley St Tavern w/ Adam Robert Haug, It’s True, Oui Bandits, and Spring Acres

Sat. – Jan 31st – Wichita, KS: Vertical Violet w/ polarOPPOSITEbear, Androids of Ex Lovers, and Toy Sails

Sun.- Feb 1st – Dallas, TX: The Lounge on Elm St w/ The Hot Tickets 8pm

Mon.-Feb 2nd –  Hopefully not freezing to death somehwhere between Dallas and Springfield.

Tues.- Feb 3rd – Springfield, MO: The Outland

Wed. – Feb 4th – St Louis, MO: The Way Out w/ Sine Nomine, and Tok  9:30pm

Thurs. – Feb 5th – Indianaoplis, IN: Melody Inn w/ Trinity James and Big Bad, and People vs. Radio 8pm

Fri. – Feb 6th – Lexington, KY: C.P.R. w/ Ocelots, The Yes People, Drive Far Fast, Kraken Fury, 7pm

Sat. – Feb 7th – Bloomington, IN: The Clinic w/ Waxeater, IfIHadAHifi, Found Objects, Year of the Scavenger, 9pm FREE!

Sun. – Feb 8th – Iowa City, IA: PS ONE w/info still to comez….

This tour is going to be grand. Hitting up some old favorites, as well as some new places. Expect (maybe) daily updates from the road.  And this time, our roadie will be everyone’s favorite youtuber and TNM blogger, Tony!

See you in the funny pages



50 cent gives regards


New Online Photo Albums

hey. i just set up a picasa account for The Noising Machine.

you can find TOO MANY Beati Paoli photos on there. my favorite album is the flyers and posters album. go look at it. plus there are a ton of tour pictures. some of which are amusing. some of which are not.


The Urgency Tour, Days 4/5/6



DAY OFF (9/9/2008)

Today was a day off, and the Vertical Violet folks were nice enough to let us stay with them in Wichita. Waffles were waiting for us in the morning. These people are awesome. Breck, the dad, showed us his awesome record collection and told us how The Smiths got him into industrial (?). Spent most of the afternoon playing Risk….my first game ever. I was eliminating third out of five players, which apparently is decent. George and Cecil got into a pissing contest (not, unfortunately, literally) over the game; George took him, and everyone else, out. After a delicious chili dinner (during which we quizzed Freya the Fairy on various aspects of fairy life) , we spent the rest of the night hanging out, playing Boggle and Aladdin for the Genesis with Freya the Fairy, and petting kitties in the backyard. It’s disgraceful, the hedonism we get up to….



The Soundpony (9/10/2008)

Left the VV house, after another great breakfast. We would miss this place, even more so after tonight. We made our way over to Tulsa. I finished Xavier, Season 1. Tulsa reminded me of Des Moines. We ate at an amazing Chinese Thai restaurant Mandy found online called Be Le. All sorts of yummy fake meats. The show was at the bar called Soundpony, which was decorated with various cycling paraphanelia. Free hot dogs and High Life (no veggie dogs, booo….). A lady opened for us, just her and her box full of pedals. Pretty good, I bought her CD for $5. Then we played. During the first song, my eyes were closed. When I opened them, the bar was 97 % cleared out. Oops! We proceeded to play the entirety of our album to the bartender and two middle-aged drunks taking pictures of themselves. Admittedly, it was not a good room for live rock music: all concrete, leading to a very bright, loud sound. We sounded really good, at least. Annoyed, we decided to head on after the show to Springfield, MO. During the drive, we came across a strange building in the middle of nowhere that flashed psychedelic colors. Cecil wanted to stop and sleep there. I said that there was no way we could get in, but that we could go back and sleep by it if he really, really wanted to BUT if he didn’t go now, he couldn’t complain about it later. He said we could keep going. He complained about it later.


The album.



Outland Ballroom, 9/11/2008)

Rolled into Springfield around 4 A.M. Pulled into a church parking lot and uncomfortably went to sleep. Was awoken a few hours later by the flashing lights of two police cars parked behind us. We were afraid we’d get towed or treated to some “southern hospitality”, but they soon left. Went back to unrestful sleep. Woke up soon after, and wandered around downtown. Went to a coffeeshop. Wandered some more. BORED. Found a nearby cave that you are driven around in, but it cost $20 +. WTF. Found local art museum (which was free) instead. It was ok. Spent several hours at 1984, an awesome arcade with games from the late 70s through early 90s. Really, really fun. Scott set a new Burger Time record. I dedicated a song to it that night. I played Golden Axe, P.O.W. and Space Invaders, mostly. Scott gave the free pass he won for getting the high score to our waitress as part of her tip. The first two bands who played with us, New Madrid and The Verbs, were good and had a crowd. We, of course, cleared the room but of a few people. Do I sense a theme? Andrew from New Madrid let us crash at his place. Really cool guy. We were incredibly sleepy though, and could offer only mumbling in reply.


don’t remember.