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Audio Recommendations 2

Struggling to keep my new year’s resolution.

Part 1  is HERE.

Okay. I promise to put at least one 2011 album in each of these recommendation posts. Here it is:

Jonathan Richman’s O Moon, Queen of Night on Earth. More of the same from this beautiful man. Which is a good thing. What else would you want?

Here’s a song about poseurs. It’s called “My Affected Accent”.

and here he is performing it live:



You guys have listened to The xx’s self-titled album, right? Well I hadn’t. Whoops. It’s good.

This is “Basic Space”. Love the rhythms.



Here’s a classic that I’d never listened to. Nina Simone’s Finest Hour.

Although it sounds like a musical at times, “Mississippi Goddam” is brutal. So much passion/emotion. Very real.



And I’m gonna throw in a classic that’s been getting a lot of play. Lifter Puller’s Soft Rock [disc 1]. This is a collection of everything except their last album.

The song’s called “Viceburgh”…

tiger can’t talk he’s got shoes to shine, said it’s pretty dry
we could try the guy up on first and fifty-ninth if he’s still alive
the callgirl stalls and lets her voicemail take it
she says hey i ain’t here besides i quit that business
the door was locked so we knocked on the next one
and here’s this guy he’s got a bullet-proof vest on
said you guys look desparate,Ill give you an address
said you guys look gorgeous, dig all that blistex


ps- for other recommendations, check out the features: Canon Sonique and Stuck on Repeat.

Audio Recommendations

So my resolution this year is to listen to more music. Yes, I realize this is like a heroin addict resolving to shoot up twice as much as he did the previous wasted year. However… I’m also resolving to listen to more NEW music, which is something I really slacked off on in 2010.

Here is where I tell the world about it…

For the most part, I’m not going to write reviews about this stuff. I’ll just point you guys in the right direction. If I post it, that means I think it’s good. Give it a listen and tell me I’m wrong. I dare you!

First off, I’m already falling behind on the new music thing. The only new album I’ve listened to is Bright Eyes’ new album, “The People’s Key”. This album isn’t out yet (it’s scheduled for release 2/15). Whoops! But you can hear it for free, and in it’s entirety, on NPR, so don’t feel bad.

Okay… so here’s the first track, “Firewall”. Like on most Bright Eyes albums (if not all?) it begins with some spoken word nonsense. This time, the atmospheric composition behind the vocal sample begs for these boys to attempt an entire ambient album. Maybe I’ll suggest that.

Oh yes… and any song that references a Macaw named Jules Verne might automatically end up in my favorites pile.

Next up… Nocturama, the Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ 2003 release.

It really digs its claws in. Here’s “He Wants You”:

Another one that I’ve been listening to for WEEKS now is Angelo Badalamenti’s Twin Peaks Soundtrack.

So mysterious! I was going to just post the theme, since it’s so good, but I decided to put “Audrey’s Dance (Instrumental)” up instead.

And finally… you guys should listen to The Gorillaz latest album, Plastic Beach. It’s the best Gorillaz album so far.

It was hard to pick which song would represent the album the best. So I just chose my current favorite, “White Flag”, featuring Bashy, Kano, and the Lebanese National Orchestra for Oriental Arabic Music.


ps- for other recommendations, check out the features: Canon Sonique and Stuck on Repeat.

FILMS 08162010

here are some films that i’m currently interested in seeing.

this one is called MONSTERS which for me conjures not only MONSTERS (like in cloverfield, godzilla, and monsters inc, naturally, HA) but also MONSTER (as in CHARLIZE THERON, but not like this, more like this). cool!

the story follows a journalist who is sent to retrieve his boss’s daughter (BUMMER) after a NASA PROBE crashes in mexico with some sort of foreign life attached to it.  i’ve posted the trailer below.

wait, a NASA PROBE????????? cool! i don’t think the trailer looks that good, but the following clip, as well as the knowledge that it was filmed with only 5 crew members on a very small budget makes me very interested in seeing the film.

the second film i’m reasonably interested in seeing is called CATFISH, and it sounds absolutely banal, except it was a darling at sundance (you can read this rave review). i mean, how many movies get a grade of A+?? only babe, pig in the city, according to roger ebert (review here). anyway, catfish is about FACEBOOK but it’s not the facebook movie (sigh), wait HA. guys who am i kidding, what’s the deal with this facebook movie anyway? what a gem of an idea!

here’s the CATFISH trailer.

i have to say, i am definitely INTRIGUED.


news with natalie

here is a new feature I am working on AT THE MOMENT. it is called news with natalie and it is the news.

here is today’s RUNDOWN.

swine flu is over! if you didn’t get a vaccine, finally you can go outside! no one overreacted about this pandemic AT ALL. be careful!

WAIT. a dramatic video containing a car crash on a RACETRACK? this does sound dramatic! click through to see the drama! see it?

one last thing–if you haven’t seen EAT PRAY LOVE, don’t! you MIGHT want to check this out, though:
it does look like an absolute delight.

i love you.



(These Netflix user reviews are presented here unedited and with their corresponding star rating.)


Adults will probably not enjoy this movie much because it is very unrealistic. Also, because the whole chimpanzee thing has been overdone. However, younger viewers would probably really enjoy this. If you have young kids, give this a whirl, if not, look elsewhere for a good movie.


Talents are obvious. With all of the hipe these days about girl detectives you may be tempted to try this movie. If you’re an adult, don’t. It’s 75% chimp and his tricks, 20% Dad the chimp partner, & 5% young girl who is suppose to be super smart. Good stuff if you’re under 9 years old.


A cute but silly and campy movie. My children liked it but personally I liked Dunstan Checks In a lot better.


As an adult viewer, I found this movie very cheesy. My 7-year-old, however, LOVES it! He did figure out the jist of the plot very early on, but he enjoyed the fact that he could pick out who were the bad guys and what they were up to. Emma Roberts, from Nickelodeon’s Unfabulous, is in this movie and is thus a recognizable face to us. Pat Morita makes a small appearance that generated big laughs from my son. Bottom line, animal + kid in the main plot = very enjoyable for kids to watch. As I said, I found it to be very cheesy, but I still liked it – just not as much as my son!


A chimpanzee is not a monkey. Its an ape. I dont know why people always get this confused. Apes are our closest relatives! Either way, Emma Roberts is a doll.


8 year old says its cool, even though he rolled his eyes a few times as well. A movie that adults may want to watch with a book or a second task as well, so you aren’t bored. Very fine to just put it in and let kids watch alone. Adult viewpoint: 2.5. Child 4. Not as cool as some spy flicks & we couldn’t really figure out how or why the circus people had to be involved.


My 7-year old son and his cousins (ages 9 and 6)loved it. They wanted to watch it again immediately after their first viewing. My son was upset when he found out I had returned it.


My children twin 8 year old girls LOVED this film. The Monkey was hillarious! Emma Roberts (the lead) was smart and a good scientist, she was very confident and brave. We recommend this to kids 7+.


This was a great movie for ages five to 50. It was wonderful to sit and watch this movie with my two grandsons, even with all the laughs.


A good family movie, my 10 year old kept saying the monkey had some real skills. We all enjoyed it!


best movie ever!!!! so cool, i love spies(im 9), and the monkey, WOW!!!! if you dont like this movie, you are crazy. no cursing or gore.


If the movie is that bad It mustve been made in the 80s or the 90s or the 70s!!!


It was very funny. A monkey named Binky has to save his old spy partner and his daughter, Ameilia. It’s amazing how a monkey can do so many things: snowboarding, kung-fu fighting, acrobatics… Although some computer animation was used, it still was a great movie.


SPY MATE is the most funniest mosvie ever. its all about a monkey who saves the world! who dosent like that?


This was the best movie ever. My whole family loved it.Well i mean everybody that watched it. Today is my birthday and I watched it on my birthday too. This is one of my best birthdays. I defintly would recomend this to you. I know youll love it.


MOVIE REVIEW: THIRST by Park Chan-wook

Trust Park Chan-wook to actually do something with vampires just as we find ourselves in the midst of Twilight‘s treacly soap operatics. Considering the South Korean director’s unflinching depictions of violence and penchant for pitch-black humor, it’s actually surprising it’s taken him this long to try the genre on for size. Thirst is Park’s first American release since the conclusion of his revenge film cycle, a series consisting of Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance, Oldboy, and Sympathy For Lady Vengeance and dubbed, appropriately, the Vengeance trilogy. These films (Oldboy especially) provided him with an international audience enamored with his talent for beautifully framing and photographing acts of violence, as well as his skill for portraying morally ambiguous, existential tragedies.

Thirst introduces us to Sang-hyun (Park regular Song Kang-hoo), a devout priest who volunteers for an experimental procedure in order to cure the Emmanuel Virus, a disease that kills anyone who contracts it. Miraculously he survives, and upon returning to his parish finds himself worshipped as a messiah by members of his congregation. This newfound celebrity brings Sang-hyun back into contact with a childhood friend and his friend’s young wife Tae-ju (Kim Ok-bin), with whom he becomes smitten. Soon after, Sang-hyun suddenly dies from the delayed effects of EV, only to be resurrected the following day with a newfound lust for blood (and other earthly desires).

Song portrays Sang-hyun as a deeply conflicted man, one who finds it hard to understand the evils of the world. On finding himself turned into a creature of the night, he’s initially exhilarated and uses the transformation to indulge in previously forbidden vices. All the while, Song plays the priest with an nearly blank expression, deftly reigning in any grandstanding or scenery-chewing that other, lesser actors may have succumbed to. He allows the audience to read the emotions on his face, however subtle they may be.

But as good as Song Kang-hoo is, the real star of the Thirst is Kim Ok-bin ,whose performance as Tae-ju fills in the major chords left unplayed by Song Kang-hoo’s more reserved portrayal. Ok-bin is a victim of circumstance, forced to marry her infantile husband for lack of options. Sang-hyun acts as a catalyst in her life; his presence allows her to tap into her dormant sexuality and as a result Tae-ju sees him as a means of escape from every aspect of her dreary life. She’s not even that unnerved when she finds out Sang-hyun’s secret; rather, she encourages his worst impulses.

As the film progresses, Tae-ju is changed from a mousy doorstop into a bloodthirsty maniac who revels in the same acts Sang-hyun begins to despise. He makes bad choices based on false information provided by her, and these choices allow her to dominate the increasingly guilt-stricken Sang-hyun. Kim only began acting professionally in 2005, but here displays an ability far in excess of her limited experience.

Thirst might not stay with you in the same way the Vengeance trilogy does. The plot doesn’t cover much new ground when it comes to the vampire genre, and it doesn’t possess the same thematic breadth of the aforementioned works. But the film is so well-shot and acted that this is largely a moot point. To paraphrase Roger Ebert, a film is not so much what it’s about as how it’s about. While many might be able to make a perfectly servicable film out of Thirst’s script, ultimately it’s Park Chan-wook’s unique vision and the superlative performance of his two leads that make the finished product as special as it is.


What kind of Demon was in Paranormal Activities


If you watch closely u will see there is acutely Two different things. My reasoning: At first the “thing” Could only get into the house. One from the stairs and the other from the roof;Then during the activity in the room one was trying to get the girl, and the other was trying to posses the girl; And then more proof was when they did the board thing, not only did it prove its a ghost but that it was strong enough to incarnate fire. If this was a “alien” or something it would not have done that. To be honest if this was real it would be more like this. Angels (roof dude) Vs demon (possessor and one coming from stairs) Fighting over her soul, or just trying to get her. Or Alien (the feet) vs Ghost (umm…ghost lol) Trying to get her. Here is my reasons for th AvD. We have no idea what angels look like, they could have weird feet like that lol, and then the demon because of the board thing and the possessing. AvG; The foot thing can prove it was an alien not a ghost, and the shadow thing, if u look into a camouflage that can give invisibility is by Bending light around the body. This will give the wearer invis, and no one can see them, BUT! just because the light is bent around them doesn’t mean it will not cast a shadow that is able to be picked up by the camera. Now for the ghost, the board thing kinda give it that, and the possessing thing and the fact it didn’t always cast a shadow. When she was possessed both times, no physical action was recorded, but when a shadow was casted there was. Showing there was not one but 2 or more beings after her. ..>< More to add to Demon/Ghost. The Photo, Demon’s are said to feed on fear and all that stuff, they would have planted that to strike fear into her and gain more power. >>>><<<<<<!!! To add to alien, he/she/it could have “tagged” her and just then found her, and the photo was a test to see if it was really her. On a side note, Alien’s Tech could cause this “Feeling” Psychics get from “Ghost/Demons” So it cant not be said that it was not a alien.

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